S1mple Mimics Dr Disrespect in Hilarious Response to Twitch Ban

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • S1mple takes inspiration from Dr Disrespect to come up with a hilarious response to his Twitch ban.
  • He mimics the famous streamer quite perfectly while taking an indirect dig at Twitch.
  • Both s1mple and zeus have been banned from Twitch due to unknown reasons.

Worlds best Counter-Strike player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev has once again been banned from Twitch along with his former Na’Vi teammate Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko. Both the Ukrainian players were handed the ban one after the other and the reason behind this ban is not known as of now. But this did not seem to have lowered s1mple’s jovial mood as he channelled his inner Dr Disrespect by breaking the news to his fans in a creative and utterly hilarious manner.

S1mple Copies Dr Disrespect’s Style

Soon after having his Twitch account banned the Ukrainian star was seen tweeting out the news to his followers by copying none other than Dr Disrespect himself. Taking inspiration from one of his most recent and viral Tweets, s1mple informed his fans that he did not know the reason for his ban stating that “Twitch has not notified me on the specific reason behind their decision.”

In the classic Dr Disrespect fashion, s1mple wrote “Firm handshakes to all for the support during this difficult time,” as he appreciated his followers and thanked them. The difficult time can also be an indirect comment towards Twitch who has banned his channel for the third time within a year, though the first two times s1mple was in the wrong as he was banned for using homophobic slurs on stream.

The second part of the Tweet shown above is another indirect comment made against Twitch who have been unsuccessful at stopping all the scam giveaway streams that run wild on the platform under the name of other famous streamers like s1mple, shroud, and others.

These phishing streams have been a long problem for many in the esports community that simply runs VODs taken from the original streamers channel under fake channels. These streamers have often been witnessed trending on the front page of Twitch as well through view botting and other malicious activities.

S1mple Mimics Dr Disrespect in Hilarious Response to Twitch Ban

Despite Twitch promising multiple times to bring the scale of these activities down it does not seem to have had any real impact as these scam streamers still continue running on the platform without any hindrance.

The community appreciated s1mple’s creativity and actually celebrated the Tweet instead of being sad that one of the more popular Counter-Strike streamers had been banned. The original Tweet from Dr Disrespect was made after his abrupt leave of absence from Twitch and all of his other social media channels had left everyone wondering as to why Twitch had suddenly taken down his channel.

S1mple Mimics Dr Disrespect in Hilarious Response to Twitch Ban

While s1mple was having a lot of fun joking around and mimicking other personalities, Zeus decided to give the situation a silent treatment. The 32-year-old former professional player was banned from Twitch just three months back for the usage of homophobic slurs and has been suspended again for yet unknown reasons.

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