CS:GO Players, Talents, Teams, Community Reacts To Na'Vi Winning IEM Cologne 2021


CS:GO Players, Talents, Teams, Community Reacts to Na'Vi Winning IEM Cologne 2021

Na'Vi won their second consecutive CS:GO LAN tournament after a gap of more than 500 days.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Na'Vi took down G2 Esports yesterday with a '3-0' scoreline to win IEM Cologne 2021.
With this victory, Na'Vi has successfully won two consecutive CS:GO LAN tournaments 504 days apart.
S1mple was the MVP of the tournament as the community praised him with 'GOAT' spammed all across Twitter.

The first CS:GO LAN tournament in more than a year IEM Cologne 2021, came to an end yesterday with Natus Vincere walking away as the champions. The '3-0' Grand Final against G2 Esports was a repeat of IEM Katowice 2020, as Na'Vi won their second consecutive LAN event after more than 500 days of online Counter-Strike. Everyone was in awe of the brilliant team performance showcased by Na'Vi, with their star player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev leading the way as the MVP of the tournament. However, this time it was not a one-man show as each and every player was praised for stepping up, fulfiling their role to perfection.

Here is how the community reacted to Na'Vi winning IEM Cologne 2021 in a remarkable and dominating fashion.

CS:GO Community Reacts to Na'Vi Winning IEM Cologne 2021

This is what some of the other players, talents, teams, and the community had to say about Na'Vi lifting the trophy at IEM Cologne 2021.

G2 Drops a Banger

What is better than G2 Esports on top of their meme game. Unfortunely, this time it was a self burn as they appreciated s1mple's incredible performance against them in the Grand Final.

CS:GO Recognized Na'Vi Winnings IEM Cologne 2021

They might not be too good at communicating with the community but when it comes s1mple leading Na'Vi to such a brilliant victory, even they felt compelled to recognize it.

S1mple - GOAT

If there was one thing that everyone whole heartedly agreed upon it was that s1mple is the one true god of Counter-Strike, as he was repeatedly called GOAT by multiple teams and personalities.

S1mple - GOAT

Hiko Appreciates S1mple

Former CS:GO and current 100 Thieves Valorant player Spencer "Hiko" Martin who is highly appreciated by s1mple and was one of the members of his 'Dream Team' had nothing but good words to say about the star AWPer.

Hiko Congratulates S1mple

Carlos Was Ready With The Memes

Founder of G2 Esports Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez was on top of his meme game as usual, as he explained why they were G2 following the '3-0' defeat.

Pimp Gave a Good TLDR of The Grand Final

Jacob "Pimp" Winneche was there to wrap up the highlights of the Grand Finale announcing well in advance that s1mple was the MVP, which was kind off obvious.

Maniac Appreciates B1T

Mathieu "Maniac" Quiquerez was all praise for the newest member of Na'Vi Valerii "b1t" Vakhovskyi calling him an "efficient head hunter".

With this victory, Na'Vi have now won bak-to-back LAN tournaments and are now just one more win away from securing the Intel Grand Slam Season 3. Na'Vi needs to secure a win in one of the next three ESL Pro Tour events to claim the one million bounty.

Na'Vi Chances of Winning Intel Grand Slam Season 3

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