Teams With Highest Chance To Qualify For Antwerp Major Playoffs


AI Predicts CS:GO Teams With Highest Chance to Qualify for Antwerp Major Playoffs

You may wanna double check those Pick'Em predictions for Legends Stage.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) predicts which Legends Stage CS:GO teams have the highest chance of qualifying for the playoffs of the PGL Antwerp Major 2022.
The AI reportedly ran more than 10 million simulations of the Legends Stage according to certain parameters before arriving at the results.
As per the prediction made by the AI for the Challengers Stage, five of the top eight teams qualified for the Legends Stage.

One of the most stacked Valve sponsored CS:GO tournaments in history, the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 is well underway having enthralled the viewers with some high octane action. It has already wrapped up its Challengers Stage with eight teams qualifying ahead to the Legends Stage, all set to start today onwards for the final push towards the Champions Stage (Playoffs).

To help community members with their Pick'Em predictions and give folks an idea of how this stage of the tournament might play out, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) developed by GGPredict has run about 10,000,000 simulations to find out which teams might have the biggest chance of advancing to the Champions Stage (Playoffs).

PGL Antwerp Major 2022: AI predicts CS:GO teams with highest chance of qualifying through the Legends Stage

Following a packed Challengers Stage, which broke a record after registering the highest opening day viewership in the history of Majors with a peak of more than 700,000 concurrent viewers, the competition has only increased further in the Legends Stage.

This has left many in the community scratching their heads over the Pick'Em predictions, with many simply following the suggestions of players, talents, and personalities.

However, there are some that need hard stats to back their picks and not just opinions. Lucky for them this is exactly what GGPredict has done with a combination of AI and Machine Learning, running about 10 million simulations of the PGL Antwerp Major 2022: Legends Stage to find out which teams have the highest chance of advancing to the Playoffs.

As per the AI's calculations, this is the success percentage of each team in ascending order to qualify for the Champions Stage and play in front of a live crowd,

  1. Imperial Esports - 22.29%

  2. Team Spirit - 26.26%

  3. Bad News Eagles - 28.85%

  4. Outsiders - 30.58%

  5. Team Liquid - 31.97%

  6. Copenhagen Flames - 42.81%

  7. BIG - 48.06%

  8. Cloud9 - 51%

  9. ENCE - 53.52%

  10. Team Vitality - 57.28%

  11. FURIA Esports - 63.67%

  12. G2 Esports - 63.87%

  13. NAVI - 65.92%

  14. NIP - 66.57%

  15. Heroic - 72.91%

  16. FaZe Clan - 74.45%

As per GGPredict, they have built a simple system that does not account for maps being played or match conditions like LAN or online. Instead, it simply looks at player statistics and their recent performances while taking into account the opponent's strength and tournament level.

"We assign different weights to all the factors in the model and optimize it to achieve the best predictive results of a win in pairwise comparison."

How the AI works to predict the qualification chance of a CS:GO team

However, do not follow this information blindly because at the end of the day these results are based on simulations. Also, based on the predictions made by this same AI for the Challengers Stage, you might have second thoughts.

Out of their top eight picks for the Challengers Stage only five teams made it through to the Legends Stage.

The concerning thing is that Astralis despite having an 87.95% chance of succeeding was sent home with a '2-3' scoreline, while Bad News Eagles, Team Spirit, and Imperial Esports despite a predicted success rate of less than 35% fought their way through to the next stage.

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