MIBR Part Ways With fer, TACO, dead, More Changes to Follow Soon

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • MIBR part ways with two of their CS:GO players fer and TACO along with their coach dead.
  • The decision follows the organization's continued string of poor performances.
  • According to MIBR's statement more changes to the roster will me made over the next few weeks.

The decision has finally been taken by the Brazilian esports organization MIBR to undergo a few roster changes as they part ways with Fernando "⁠fer⁠" Alvarenga, Epitacio "⁠TACO⁠" de Melo, and their coach Ricardo "⁠dead⁠" Sinigaglia. These changes have clearly been made due to the organization’s long string of disappointing performances not only in top-tier events but also at multiple ‘Tier-2’ tournaments like Nine to Five, Eden Arena: Malta Vibes, and more.

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MIBR Part Ways With Fer, TACO, Dead

The announcement was made just a few minutes back on Twitter with a statement from MIBR reading that they are parting ways with the two players and the coach because “It is important for MIBR and MIBR fans to make changes and we will be making some adjustments to the roster over the next several weeks.”

Last part of the statement is a clear indication that the changes announced today might just be the first of many more to come in the next few weeks. The organization has also made it clear that they are undergoing a rebuilding process in order to get ready for upcoming tournaments like BLAST and Flashpoint 2.

MIBR Part Ways With fer, TACO, dead, More Changes to Follow Soon

MIBR for a long time now has been facing heavy criticism from the global CS:GO community for several reasons, one of which has been their deteriorating performance which seemed to hit rock bottom recently as the Brazilian organization started losing against second-tier CS:GO teams like Galaxy Racer Esports, Wisla Krakow, and more.

MIBR Part Ways With fer, TACO, dead, More Changes to Follow Soon

Apart from this, players from MIBR were also involved in an incident that reflected poorly on both MIBR and majority of the Brazilian fan base as they blatantly accused certain players of Chaos Esports Club of cheating against them in the upper bracket match of cs_summit 6 Online: North America.

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Their coach dead was also handed a ban by both ESL and BTS for abusing the coach spectator bug at ESL One: Road to Rio and cs_summit 6, respectively. The recent announcement by Valve observed MIBR drop to the bottom of the North American RMR leaderboard as their RMR points were reset to zero.

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Let’s see what more changes are in store for MIBR in the coming weeks, as more players might depart and the rebuilding phase will also be initiated to prepare for the upcoming fall CS:GO tournaments.

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