kNgV Calls Valve’s Decision to Reset MIBR’s RMR Points "Unfair" And "Ridiculous"

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Sep/2020 12:27 pm

kNgV says that Valve's decision to reset MIBR's RMR points was "Unfair" and "Ridiculous".
MIBR currently stands at the bottom of the NA RMR leaderboard with 0 points.
Richard Lewis responds to kNgV by mocking MIBR of always playing the role of the victim.

The 27-year-old Brazilian player Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe was upset with Valve’s decision to deduct RMR points of those teams whose coaches had been found guilty of abusing the spectator bug as it involved his current team MIBR as well. Though no punishment was given to any of the coaches involved, their respective teams had to face the consequences as per Valve’s verdict on the incident.

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kNgV Calls Valve’s Decision Unfair And Ridiculous

MIBR AWPer kNgV expressed what he felt about Valve’s verdict on the spectator bug incident via a Tweet (now deleted) in Brazilian which reads as follows,

“I don't agree with Valve's punishment. Taking all of our points just because of 1 round. In my opinion, this is unfair and ridiculous."

He was not happy about the fact that MIBR’s RMR points were being reset just for using the coaching bug in one round of the entire tournament. The Brazilian team has dropped to the bottom of the North American RMR leaderboard following Valve’s verdict before which they were ranked 7th.

According to ESL and BTS (Beyond The Summit) the organizer’s of the first two RMR tournaments ESL One: Road to Rio and cs_summit 6, MIBR’s coach Ricardo "dead" Sinigaglia was caught abusing the spectator bug red-handed on two separate instances for which he was handed out the following punishments,

  • He was caught using the bug at ESL One Road to Rio - North America in 1 round on 1 map for which he has received a 6-month ban from playing or coaching in any ESL or DreamHack tournaments.

  • He was caught using the bug again at cs_summit 6 - North America against Triumph for which he has been handed a two tournament ban organised by BTS.

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Richard Lewis was quick to respond to kNgV, mocking MIBR for always being the victims while also highlighting the fact that MIBR played against their academy team (Yeah Gaming) in both the RMR tournaments.


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