Chaos EC Suspected of Cheating Against MIBR at cs_summit 6

Aditya Singh Rawat
23/Jun/2020 05:03 pm
  • Chaos EC players have been slammed by cheating allegations following their victory against MIBR.
  • FalleN speaks out on the matter as various Chaos EC players receive threats.
  • Multiple CS:GO personalities have backed the accused reminding everyone to follow the policy of 'innocent until proven guilty'.

MIBR has landed themselves in the middle of yet another controversy this time involving the North American esports organization Chaos Esports Club. Following their loss in the upper bracket of cs_summit 6 Online: North America against Chaos EC there were allegations of cheating against a few players who were suspected of using illegal programs.

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MIBR Suspects Chaos EC Of Cheating

After the allegations of cheating against Chaos EC came out many Brazilian streamers and MIBR fans started going through the match analyzing the clips. Two players whose names predominantly stood out were 16-year-old Nathan “leaf” Orf and 19-year-old Erick “Xeppaa” Bach.

After the clips shown above went viral both the players were heavily criticised by the Brazilian crowds as the news rapidly spread all over Twitter and Reddit. 

Players discussing possible cheating by Chaos EC playersPlayers speculating possible cheating by Chaos EC

FalleN Speaks Out Publicly

Once again MIBR’s IGL Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo came forward to calm down the situation while for the first time publicly claiming that players from Chaos EC were indeed being accused of cheating but without any strong evidence. He told everyone to wait for the tournament organizers to do their investigation before coming to a conclusion. FalleN also went ahead to present his stance on the situation by saying that “Yes I found the uploaded clips suspicious.”

FalleN speaks about the allegations against Chaos EC

Another statement by FalleN revealed that some users were even threatening the boy. Though no name had been mentioned by FalleN he was referring to leaf, telling everyone to not take any sides until an official statement is made on the matter.

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Threats Against The Players

Following the incident, the two players in question along with a lot of other Chaos EC players belonging to different gaming titles received threats from various users according to Greg Laird who is the CEO of Chaos EC.

Many other esport personalities came forth to show solidarity with the players, pointing out the miserable state of the community where two young players who are just starting out receive death threats just because they have been accused of cheating without any confirmed proof.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Several important personalities came forth defending the players from Chaos EC. As Duncan "Thorin" Shields rightly pointed out that cheating accusations need to live up to the standard of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.”

Similar sentiments were shown by popular CS:GO talent Jason "moses" O'Toole who reminded everyone to keep in mind that the accused should always be considered ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and it must be industry standard.

On the other hand, Richard Lewis was a bit more aggressive as he points out all the incidents that MIBR has recently been involved in. Robin "ropz" Kool who has faced something similar in the past came forward to support players from Chaos EC as he has been a victim of similar allegations in the early days of his career.

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At the time of writing this article, no official statement has been made by Beyond The Summit who are the organizers of this tournament. Let’s see what the outcome of these allegations are as Chaos EC has successfully qualified for the ‘Stage 2’ of the tournament.


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