Zews Explains why he is Leaving MIBR

Aditya Singh Rawat
26/Mar/2020 09:04 am

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The Brazilian organization MIBR has announced the departure of their long-time coach Wilton “zews” Prado, who had been with the squad since December 2018. He will be replaced by their team manager Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia acting as the new coach, with MIBR stating that they are not in search of a new coach at the moment.

In a tweet made by the 32-year-old in Portuguese, he went on to explain that MIBR is not anywhere close to achieving the success that they had aimed for during the rebuilding phase, taking his share of the blame as the team's coach he said that he had failed to make a few calls that he thought were necessary for the team's betterment.

He went on to apologize saying that “when dealing with a great team like MIBR one should keep in mind that the margin for errors is minimal and will be charged, especially in leadership positions.”

Zews went on to reveal the depth of the problem within MIBR saying that “I would like to believe that the problems within MIBR will be solved quickly, but unfortunately I don’t think this will be the case, as the problems experienced here are much more complex, heavy, and ingrained then they appear to be and all solutions tend to be more complex as well.”

He concludes on an emotional note promising “to get the right learning out of this situation and continue to evolve as a professional.” Thanking all the players and other staff members, he says that he is still not sure what to do next as he states that “My desire is to continue competing and dedicating myself to this sport that I love, and if anyone believes that I have something valuable to add to your organization they can contact me.”

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Zews after spending 2 years with Liquid had been transferred to MIBR in 2018, marking his return to the Brazilian roster after coaching them before during the Luminosity and SK Gaming period.

MIBR has not been living up to their name for a long time now, barely surviving the first phase of FLASHPOINT Season 1 to lead their group. But overall the Brazilian squad is really struggling to keep pace with other tier-one teams. Let's see how do they perform in the ESL Pro League Season 11 starting today.


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