MIBR Participates in ESL Pro League Season 11 Alongside FLASHPOINT due to Coronavirus Situation

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Mar/2020 11:03 pm

Cover Image Courtesy: MIBR | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: ESL Counter-Strike

The Brazilian organization MIBR has decided to become a part of ESL Pro League Season 11 ahead of there North American regional matches which are scheduled to take place from 26th March onwards.

According to a statement provided by Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, MIBR has been invited to play ESL Pro League “on a limited basis,” not interfering with their commitment to Flashpoint. This means that ESL would have to make a compromise and schedule MIBR’s matches according to their availability.

MIBR which is already a part of FLASHPOINT has decided to take part in the rival league as “there won’t be many tournaments to play this semester,” due to the coronavirus situation, and also because there is a chance to qualify for Cologne.

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But despite being thankful that they get to compete in another competition, FalleN straight up said that he believes “no tournament organizer should be able to have their own Ranking. This is dangerous as it can be used to weigh your own tournaments more heavily than others - and this hurts the players and the fans.”

With MIBR taking the last vacant slot, North American regional matches for ESL Pro League Season 11 are all set to take place from Thursday onwards. As the Brazilians go up against Team Liquid in their opening matchup, let’s see if the Brazilians are able to start on a good note or not.


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