Entity Gaming Releases Free Fire Roster After Allegations Of Hacking

Shounak Sengupta
29/May/2020 05:27 pm
  • Entity Gaming lets go of their entire Free Fire roster. 
  • The move comes 2 weeks after one of their substitutes was caught hacking and subsequently banned. 

Nearly two weeks after a player from Entity Gaming was caught hacking, the organization has dropped the entire roster. The player ETG Ashwatma , who was a substitute for the team was banned for a period of 1 year along with a Zack from TSG Army on the 17th of May. The very next day another 6 players from various teams were also banned, after found to be using unethical practices in official matches and scrims. 

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Image via @Entity Gaming

While many community members have brought forth allegations that there are more players in the pro scene who have used hacks, Garena is yet to provide any more names. What is true however, is the fact that Entity Gaming have let go of their entire roster, which was previously known as Nawabzaade. They have also asked Garena to look into the player's activities. The move is yet another blow for the Indian Free Fire scene, which has been set back after several pro players have been caught hacking. Entity's reaction to the incident puts serious doubt on the players and by extension the entire player base, as if one of the top teams in the country could have been cheating, what can be said about the rest of the community.

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If indeed the ex ETG players are also found to have used hacks, it will tarnish not only their image but that of the region as they have represented the country in international competitions in the past. The players have not yet responded as we continue to monitor the situation as it develops. Another Indian organization, Global Esports also made a statement after their players were found guilty of unethical gameplay in Free Fire. 

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