Entity Gaming and TSG Army Players Banned For Hacking in Free Fire

Shounak Sengupta
17/May/2020 04:42 pm
  • Free Fire India issues bans to two professional players for hacking. 
  • The two players belong to Entity Gaming and TSG Army. 


In what has to be one of the most controversial moments in the Indian Free Fire community, two players from two top Free Fire rosters in India have been found guilty of hacking. The two players are Entity Gaming's Ashwatma and Zack from TSG Army. Entity Gaming are widely regarded as the top Free Fire team in India and have been dominating all local competitions for a while now. 

In a statement released by Free Fire India, the two players were flagged by their in-game anti-cheat system and were issued bans as a result. Both players have been issued 1-year bans till May 15, 2021 and both teams have been disqualified from the currently ongoing Free Fire Scrim Wars. Additionally, any prize money won by either team during the scrims will now be awarded to the next best team. 

What's truly shocking about the incident is that Entity Gaming are one of the top esport organizations of the country and their PUBG MOBILE roster is known for being the best in South Asia. The organization is also partnered with North American powerhouse, Team Solomid but the partnership only extends to the PUBG MOBILE division where the team plays under the TSM-Entity tag. TSG Army too are a well known brand in India with a YouTube channel which has  1.16 Million subscribers. They themselves have put out a statement in the form of a video: 

AFK Gaming has reached out to Entity Gaming, who are expected to put out a statement regarding the incident soon.

Update: Entity Gaming has posted an official statement to their Facebook page, stating that they have cut all ties with Ashwatma.


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