Second Ban Wave Hits Free Fire As 6 More Indian Pro Players Banned For Hacking

Shounak Sengupta
18/May/2020 04:43 pm
  • 6 more professional players have been banned by Free Fire India. 
  • This makes the total count 8, exposing one of the largest cases of hacking in Indian esports. 

In yet another shocking announcement, 6 more players have been banned from the Free Fire India Pro community following 2 players who were banned yesterday. The move comes after Garena’s anti-cheat software has been detecting hacks on a regular basis. As per the official announcement, the following players have been banned: 

Dada Thakur - Team Insane

Mr.Perfect - Team Insane

NMR-TOV9 - Team Nightmare

WT-NOOB - Western Tiger

Arrow Prit - WWW

ANISHRAJ - Dilwale

All these players were found to be using hacks on various days and have been banned from competitive Free Fire till 15th May, 2021. Additionally all the teams will forfeit any prize money they earned during the Free Fire Scrims Wars, which will be awarded to the next best team. Yesterday a similar ruling was passed against two players from Entity Gaming and TSG Army. 


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