The Free Fire Hacking Saga Continues as Global Esports Releases Statement Regarding Players

Shounak Sengupta
23/May/2020 12:50 pm
  • Global Esports joins a long list of names to have fielded players who compromised the integrity of the competition. 
  • The organization will now work with Garena to help clean up the community by hosting scrims for teams from all tiers. 

The recent cheating scandal in the Indian Free Fire community has spread like wildfire with almost all teams and players feeling the heat as a wave of hacks and hackers were detected. As a result, more than 8 players have now found themselves banned for a year and teams have been penalized with temporary bans and monetary sanctions.

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The first two names came from two big brands in India - Entity Gaming and TSG Army. This was swiftly followed by 6 more players, all representing teams playing in the currently ongoing Free Fire Scrim Wars. More recently, Global Esports has released a statement regarding their players, who were playing in a team known as Bandra 50 prior to the pick up. The statement reads that although there aren’t any surefire allegations of hacking against the players, it has been found that all 4 player were using a modified version of the game. This information was provided to GE directly from Garena and the org has made a commitment against unfair gameplay. 

Image via @Global Esports

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To help the community clean its image and give deserving players a chance, the organization will be working with Garena to host tier 1,2 and 3 scrims and other community events. The team have also reiterated their stance against any unethical behavior saying that they have built their brand with integrity and ethics at its core. Its great to see the organization take such an active stance in dealing with the situation and help the entire community come out of the whole incident stronger and better. 


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