[WATCH] PUBG Mobile Player “Revives” Themselves

Nutan Lele
17/Aug/2020 08:34 pm

Earlier this month, Tencent introduced a new event involving Egyptian Pharaohs on PUBG Mobile called ‘Ancient Secret’. The Ancient Secret event went live on global servers on 4th August on iconic PUBG Mobile maps like Erangel and Miramar. The event added flying temples, inside which players could find loot by solving puzzles or taking on the Guardian for some supply crate grade loot. One player used the temple’s mechanics to revive himself. 

Player revives themselves with the help of a temple

The video shows how a player knocked outside one of the temples revives themselves. Their teammates are either dead or too far to revive him. The health bar continues its gradual drop as the pyramid starts rising into the air. The player crawls around and eventually makes a 200 IQ move to revive themselves. The player goes off the edge of the pyramid, which automatically opens the parachute and immediately “revives” them upon landing on the ground.

Apparently, when players fall off the pyramid, their parachute will open no matter what and let the player revive themselves with a soft landing. Even if they're knocked, this seems to override the "knock" to open the parachute. This mechanic was introduced in the event to help players exit the temples and land safely, especially if they want to exit when the temples are flying in the air or stationary at a very high altitude. 

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Ancient Secret Temple Map Features

The Ancient Secret introduced these temples to maps like Erangel and Miramar, with their locations appearing on the map. Look for two new yellow coloured icons. Some are shaped like small pillars and the other three look like step pyramids. These are similar to the tents that sprung up during Spark The Flame. Players will be able to see the temples moving, rising into the sky. 

These temples will give players opportunities to solve riddles and earn some rewards. The loot dropped include weapons, ammo and equipment. Players can also take on The Guardian for some loot similar to that found in supply crates. 

Once the temple takes flight, a message flashes stating that the ‘Guardian’s door’ has been opened. Head upstairs into a large room where you will face off against a Guardian. Inside the room activate two relics and the Guardian will appear and start attacking. Make sure to stock up on ammo and health because once the battle starts because the exit is blocked. To beat the Guardian, players need to be familiar with its attacks. It will make snakes appear to attack you or fire narrow shockwaves for a direct attack. It can also target you with some Area of Effect fire attacks. The snakes can be shot while the other attacks can be dodged by looking at the markers. The Guardian and snakes have limited mobility so they are easy to navigate around. 

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