Golden Feather and Ancient Coin in Day vs Night PUBG Mobile

Nutan Lele
15/Aug/2020 01:42 pm

Earlier this month, Tencent introduced a new event involving Egyptian Pharaohs on PUBG Mobile called ‘Ancient Secret’. The Ancient Secret event went live on global servers on 4th August on iconic PUBG Mobile maps like Erangel and Miramar. PUBG Mobile has introduced a Day vs Night event where you can use Golden Feathers and Ancient Coins to complete challenge missions and earn rewards. Day vs Night will last from 4th August 2020 to 20th August 2020.

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Golden Feathers and Ancient Coins in Day vs Night

Day vs Night InterfaceDay vs Night Interface

Players start the day in the Day mode. The points system of Day vs Night starts from 10 points and goes up to 1000 points. Players can earn rewards at certain point intervals. Completing 3 matches in the Classic Mode will earn Eternity Crates and Eternal Secret Crates. These crates give you a chance to earn Ancient Coins and Golden Feathers, Keys as well as a chance to win the Temple Guardian Set

Eternal Secret CrateEternal Secret Crate

Players also have a chance of winning the Golden Lock Parachute Skin, Hot Pizza Backpack Skin and BP. The duration of these rewards depends upon the number of levels attained. Once 3 matches are complete, Night will fall. The first wish made in Night mode is free every day.

As players progress through the missions they can also complete Challenge Missions which include tasks such as killing at least 3 or 5 players in a match or winning a match and travelling 3,500 m in a vehicle. Complete the Challenge Missions to gain a multiplier bonus for all the points gained from matches on the same day. Tap the Challenge in Night Mode but make sure to complete all challenges before 2200 Hours or they won’t be counted. However, players can use Golden Feathers to skip missions. 

Golden feathers can be used to skip a mission as well as get a point bonus with the designated multiplayer. Ancient Coins are useful during training missions. They can be used to unlock a point bonus with a high multiplier. Keys will increase the number of matches available for play during Night mode

Along with rewards like Eternity Crates and Golden Feathers, the Ancient Secret event also puts a twist on the classic gameplay of PUBG Mobile with floating temples. Solve puzzles inside to unlock treasure chests or unleash the Guardian. This epic boss battle will get you some Airdrop grade loot. 

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