VALORANT Team Answers Questions About Battle Pass And More

Nutan Lele
20/Jun/2020 06:29 pm

This week, Joe Lee, Ian Fielding and others from the VALORANT team did an ‘Ask VALORANT’, the first of its series in which they answered some of the players’ questions about the VP and RP, balance in Unrated Games and a new surrender option to come up in patch 1.02.

VALORANT Points and Battle Pass

Revenue Lead Joe Lee talked about why players cannot earn VP in the battle pass. He said that Riot wants to offer a more compelling experience with the pass as players who buy the battle pass should do it for the total value rather than because the next battle passes depend on it. Adding VALORANT Points as an incentive would hurt their long term vision for the pass. He also mentions that the deal with the Radianite Points is to keep it as an evolving currency in the game. This would mean giving access to players as and when the game adds new features through RP. Although, Lee mentions that RP will be offered as a way to unlock content within the battle pass in the future. 

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Balance in Unrated Games

Riot’s goal with Unrated Mode is to allow players a way to play the core VALORANT game mode with premades. This means a gap between the skills of different players in the match. This gap can make the matches seem less fair. Right now, most of the Unrated matches are within skill disparity as players would find in Ranked games. But rest assured, Riot said it does have tweaks in place to ensure that matches are close and competitive rather than all-out stomps. The matchmaking in Unrated Mode has been improved at the cost of queue times, but Riot thinks this will make the game more balanced. Riot previously mentioned it was launching a competitive mode in patch 1.02 which will have hard limits to skill disparity. 

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New Guns and Surrender Option in VALORANT

Riot said that it had no immediate plans to add new guns but they could add them to fill potential gameplay gaps in the future. He mentions that the current 17 guns in the game are keeping the game in a good spot balance-wise. 

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The team had previously spoken about this saying that no weapon should feel like it only exists to troll, or have no imagined use scenario. As the game has gone through Beta, guns have also been removed from the game. VALORANT will also introduce an option to surrender early in patch 1.02.


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