Valorant Ranked Mode To Arrive Some Time Next Week

Nutan Lele
16/Jun/2020 10:50 am

Cover and thumbnail courtesy Riot Games

  • Riot Ziegler confirms Ranked mode will be out some time next week. 

On 15th June, Joe Ziegler, director of Valorant at Riot Games, tweeted out that competitive games will be available sometime next week, once the developer is sure of server stability.

“To answer the biggest question: rated (competitive mode) will likely be out some time next week. We're spending this week putting together that release and making sure it is good.” 

Riot Games has named the first season of Valorant “Episode 1: Ignition”. Along with new agents, cosmetics and a new map set in Italy, there have been many changes to Valorant during Beta and since its release. Update 1.0 brought in a new game mode as well. In the update notes, the devs said there were some necessary adjustments to be made to ranked based on player feedback from the closed beta version. Now, Joe Ziegler has confirmed that ranked mode will make its way into Riot’s tactical first-person shooter soon. 

It’ll be interesting to see how Riot’s FPS fights against CS:GO with the advent of ranked mode. CS:GO’s ranked feature has been a defining aspect of the game in terms of replayability. While Valorant’s popularity peaked during the closed beta, it has since dipped. Can ranked be the redeeming factor for the game?

Valorant was released on 2nd June and is now available for free download on PC.


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