VALORANT Software Engineer Hints At Upcoming Rewards System For Grinding In The Game

Nutan Lele
7/Jun/2020 06:03 am

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  • VALORANT developer says they have a few systems in mind to show off mastery/time investment expression.

In a Reddit comment, Riot Games software engineer tehleach spoke about the game’s lack of a rewards system and said the team is currently working on a replacement. This means that players will most likely be able to earn items in the future. 

“We’ve got a few different systems in mind to provide mastery/time investment expression in VALORANT, they just unfortunately didn’t make it for launch,” tehleach wrote. “I can’t go into specifics but just know that we hear you and we want this stuff in the game too.”

The software engineer’s comment came in response to a VALORANT fan’s calling for a system that rewards players who grind for hours in the game. “This game needs content and exclusive features that is only accessible to those that are dedicated to the grind so they can feel rewarded for time spent - even the "whales" need something to grind for.” he said in the post.

 The Redditor said, “Exclusive Gun Buddies, Sprays, Player Cards, Weapon Skins, Titles can be awarded for things like X amount of bomb plants, defuses, Aces, total kills, clutch round wins, revives, Agent specific rewards like kills with ults or enemies spotted/hit with dart, enemies revealed. These things you can't buy and they show that you have put in the time - that is worth showing off because it's specific to you and you earned it.”

VALORANT has recently added a lot of content like weapon skins and gun buddies but these have to be bought. It’s unclear what rewards will be unlockable to players in VALORANT, but Riot is planning to add some to the game in the future. 


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