VALORANT Launch Date Announced as 2 June

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/May/2020 03:53 pm

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VALORANT is all set to release within a few weeks time on 2nd June 2020 according to an announcement made by Anna Donlon - Executive Producer of VALORANT and Joe Ziegler - Game Director of VALORANT just a few minutes ago via the game’s official Twitter handle.

The announcement was made in a minute-long video in which the two senior VALORANT members thank everyone for supporting the project, as they focus on how they’ve been “looking forward to sharing the game with everyone.” Jumping straight to the point they announce that “We’re not going to be launching this game in a few months…..because we are launching it in a few weeks!”

With this announcement, the VALORANT team has certainly kept their promise of pushing out the game for everyone around the world by Summer 2020, with the game all set to release in mere twelve-days time.

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The closed beta that released on 7th April has come a long way with the VALORANT dev team handling multiple issues from their still debatable anti-cheat system, to game-breaking bugs, various in-game mechanics, and even the introduction of a new character Raze, which despite facing initial criticism has been well accepted by the community.

With Riot Games also laying foundations to the game’s esport ecosystem, and esport organizations announcing their teams and signing players. Let’s see how the global community react to the game once they get their hands on it.

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