Game Breaking VALORANT Exploit Turns Cypher's Spycam into a Remote Turret

Aditya Singh Rawat
14/Apr/2020 08:55 am

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  • Game breaking exploit allows users to utilise Cypher's signature ability as a remote turret.

  • The bug has a 100% reproduction rate making it quite irritating and equally lethal.

  • All sidearms are compatible with this bug. 

With the first week of VALORANT closed beta coming to an end, users with access to the key have been trying all sorts of things in-game from finding wall surfing spots, ways to gain access to unreachable areas across the map, to straight-up trying to break the game. One such attempt by a user resulted in the discovery of an exploit through which players could remotely execute their opponents by shooting bullets through Cypher's 'Spycam'.

According to the following comment made on the bug reporting mega-thread, the bug seems to be pretty easy to recreate with a reproduction rate of 100%.

First, the Cypher player uses the characters ‘Spycam’ ability to place the remote camera, then switching over to their secondary weapon the user tosses it on top of the remote camera while quickly switching to camera view right away. If done right, the user playing Cypher will now be able to shoot the enemy through the remote camera, literally using it as a remote turret which is not the intended use of the ability.

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This bug is quite irritating as Cypher players can easily score a few kills on unsuspecting opponents, all from a safe distance while simultaneously collecting information on their movements and positioning. Its lethality is only increased by the fact that it is so easy to replicate each and every time.

Also, the ability being Cypher’s signature move means that the players can use it in every round without spending any money to use it, making it one of the most broken and powerful signature abilities in the game at the moment.

The bug will obviously be patched soon by the VALROANT developers, so it is only a matter of time before Cypher goes back to being the scout rather than a carry.

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