User Recreates VALORANT HUD for CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
13/Apr/2020 10:56 am
  • A user creates VALORANT HUD from scratch for CS:GO.

  • HUD incorporates various aspects like kill feed, heath bar, ammunition information, etc.

  • Majority of the CS:GO community appreciates the effort but prefers the original HUD. 

VALORANT’s release has sparked numerous debates and discussions within the gaming community, comparing various aspects of the two games. While CS:GO trumps the tactical shooter in some categories, VALORANT is also holding its own quite well.

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During this never-ending exchange of comments, a CS:GO player has gone ahead and recreated VALORANT’s HUD (Heads Up Display) for CS:GO, incorporating everything from the round-timer at the top, number of players alive on each team, rounds won by the two teams, kill feed, health bar, ammunition information, and weapons display.

VALORANT's HUD Recreated in CS:GO

While the HUD looks fresh and a bit futuristic when compared to CS:GO’s standard HUD, the community did not take a liking towards it. They did appreciate the effort but the majority were of the opinion that they prefer the original CS:GO HUD currently being used.

Majority of the CS:GO Community Prefers the Original HUD

An important piece of information missing from the incorporated HUD was the round currently being played, along with the Radar, but considering that it was just meant to be showcased as a fun concept, it was done quite brilliantly. Personally, I liked the minimalistic design and the modern approach of the VALORANT HUD but sharing the same sentiment as that of the community, I would not like it being extended to the veteran first-person shooter.


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