Swag Joins T1 as a Creator and Professional VALORANT Player

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Mar/2020 09:50 am

Cover Image Courtesy: T1 | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Brax

Former professional CS:GO player Braxton “swag” Pierce has announced that he will be joining the South Korean esports organization T1 stating that “I will be joining T1 as their first Tactical FPS player ever.”

Swag went on to reveal that he was eager to carry forward his “knowledge and understanding of CS over to Valorant.” The 23-year-old who recently retired from competitive Counter-Strike with a plan to pursue VALORANT seems to have found a place to do so, saying that “I couldn't be more confident that we (him and T1) will accomplish great things.”

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T1 released a short fragmovie of swag playing CS:GO, welcoming him while sharing that he was joining the team “as a creator and professional for Valorant, CS:GO and (other) FPS titles!”

It is not very clear what role will swag play in T1 as the player mentioned bringing his expertise from CS over to VALORANT, while T1 mentions him being a creator across multiple FPS titles including the two mentioned above. As swag mentioned in his previous tweet that he will "still stream CS in the future", maybe he will continue to do the same only under the banner of T1 from now on.

Though the release date for Riot Games VALORANT has still not been officially revealed, there is already a lot of hype for it, with multiple CS:GO talents comparing the two games. The common verdict doing the rounds is that though everyone is excited for the game to come out, they don’t think it is a threat for CS:GO.

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