Reddit User's Suggestion to Help Colorblind Players in CS:GO Goes Viral; Will Valve Implement it?

Aditya Singh Rawat
30/Mar/2020 10:49 am

A part of the CS:GO community which is colourblind are really unhappy with the state of the game at the moment, specifically having an issue with the visibility of the character skins. A Reddit user by the name of 'csgopleasehelp' has garnered quite the support from the entire community for suggesting a simple solution for both the colourblind and the non-colourblind userbase.

Through a Reddit post which has now gone viral, u/csgopleasehelp has brought to everyone’s notice that about 80,000 CS:GO users who are suffering from ‘red-green colour blindness’ or ‘deuteranomaly’ are being negatively affected by the appearance of the new models, as they find it extremely difficult to spot them due to their condition.

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“Hi Reddit, my colourblind friend quit the game after almost 5 years of playing due to the agent skins. This is our last resort," stated the user suggesting that "Here is what we think could solve the agent skin problem for the colourblind player-base.”

The solution provided by the user was pretty simple, all the user asked for was to add “a black contrasting cloth texture to the player’s neck and helmet area, to help the model be more visible.” To understand this, the user shared the following image without any ‘identifier’ being applied to the character models.

Two Players are there on the site

As you can see, it is very hard to distinguish where the opponents are in the image. Even for a player who is not colourblind, it is tough to spot the players. To help solve this problem, the user suggested applying a “very basic, contracting piece of cloth on the head are of the model, to help better identify their location.”

First Player after Applying the Identifier

Second Player after Applying the Identifier

As you can see in the image above, with this minor change of applying the ‘identifier’ the models are now easily visible to everyone. This solution seems to be really effective as it requires very minimal adjustments to the existing models without causing any issues for the non-colourblind players as well.

The post has gone viral, with the entire CS:GO community standing in support of this simple suggestion, that might finally end this discussion and help the game move forward from this problem which has been a thorn on it’s back for quite a long time now.

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Valve did notice the problems associated with these new models that had been introduced, but instead of opting for the logical solution of enabling a clientside command to turn these settings off, they went ahead and implemented changes to certain parts of various different maps while also making a few changes to the characters themselves, which have obviously not been of much help as the userbase continues to complain about the same.

Let’s see if Valve takes notice of this post that makes absolute sense, as the specified changes are easy to accommodate, does not pose as a problem for the non-colourblind userbase, while also helping the developer promote the agent skins without any further issues.


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