Strange CS:GO Bug Mixes up CT and T side Character Models

Aditya Singh Rawat
4/Dec/2019 07:39 am

Cover and Thumbnail Image Courtesy: u/NuBRandsta 

Since the introduction of Shattered Web, a lot of bugs seem to have crept along and though Valve has taken quick measures to ensure that they are fixed, recently a really strange bug was noticed, where a T-sided character model was seen playing for the CT-side.

While playing a competitive match u/NuBRandsta noticed that in the second half of the match, when they were playing CT-side, one of his friends got a T-sided character model assigned to him, which led to a lot of in-game confusion.

The user commented saying that though there weren’t any team kills, his friend dressed as a CT spy was mistakenly shot several times.

While there are multiple ways to distinguish between a friend or a foe, the most basic and initial step is visual differentiation. The bug is actually not a one-off case, as multiple users commented on the post sharing their bizarre experiences.

The user who created the post was himself stunned to hear other such cases where a similar bug had caused chaos in a match.

How this bug came to be is still not known. The users speculated that the bug might have come into being after the addition of the new character model skins, which were added as part of operation shattered web, but this was proven to be false, as some reports of the bug were made even before the release of the operation.

Though the most probable cause of the bug was given by a user who came forth and explained how the character models switching sides could be because of a player disconnecting and then reconnecting within a certain timing, which might lead to the game client getting confused as to what player skin to load for the reconnecting player. Surprisingly a lot of players did agree to this, citing that the player character model did change after they or their teammate reconnected to the game.

Image Credit: u/misconstrudel | Bug shows a T-sided character model defusing the bomb on the B-site of Cache.

The bug leads to confusing gameplay with moments of hilarity and shock. A creative mind can see users doing some really cheeky things. Surely Valve can fix the bug and prevent such things from happening again, but till the fix comes in, let’s see in what ways do users have fun with this bug if they come across it.


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