Valve Makes Visual Improvements Across Various Maps to Combat Issues Related to the New Agents

Aditya Singh Rawat
23/Nov/2019 08:35 am

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With the entire community actively discussing the involvement of new agents and there impact on ranked and competitive games, with a few players also voicing their opinions via Twitter, Valve has finally taken some measures to combat this problem by releasing an update earlier in the day today.

In the update, three important things have been primarily discussed. The first is the introduction of ‘Storage Units’ which allows a user to store up to 1,000 items which would otherwise exceed the inventory limit.

The other is various visual improvement across multiple maps like Inferno, Overpass, and Nuke. These visual improvements are being made so that players find it easier to spot users holding these angles while equipping the new agents and operators.


  • Improved visibility from patio towards pit boost spot.

  • Added fill lights in A site balcony hallway.

  • Fixed a DM spawn in apartments that caused players to get stuck.


  • Boosted ambient light on grate outside Monster, B site.

  • Removed graffiti from left side of CT side, B site.

  • Boosted light in bank, A site.

  • Changed background texture in bank, A site.


  • Brightened up corner by far vent in A site.|

But the question remains that why is Valve doing such a painstaking job of making visual improvements across multiple maps, instead of just enabling a single client-side command that can save them a lot of time and ends in a win-win situation for everyone involved.

It is because Valve is just not ready to give up on these player models yet, they want to make these work, possibly with a future plan of periodically selling more of these like how they do business involving weapon skins.

The creator of Cache, FMPONE has shared a similar feeling and gives his insight on the situation via a series of tweets,

One of his tweets read, “One of those situations where you have to trust Valve see the Agent skins as being valuable and something they really want to work. If that’s how they feel about it, then so be it.”

The last issue that was solved in the update was ‘re-zoom regression with sniper rifles’ which was brought to the developers notice by Paulo Felipe, who is an AWPer for paiN Gaming.

Apart from these the other changes to be implemented in the update are as follows,

  • Added a new setting to enable triple-monitor UI mode.

  • Added a countdown till week 2 Operation missions become available.

  • End of match scoreboard toggle button is now the same button binding that enables mouse in the scoreboard.

  • Fixed ’rounds won with no purchases’ accolade appearing in Flying Scoutsman.

  • Fixed skin tone on one of the Elite Crew agents.

  • Fixed a regression in Weapons Course.

  • Updated radar for Vertigo.


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