[Throwback] Hilarious PMWL East Finals Match 12

Nutan Lele
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  • PMWL East Finals saw a hilarious interaction in the final circle of Match 12.
  • SynerGE's Ted goes head-to-head against 3 players of RRQ Athena.
  • The swim battle was one of a kind.

Whether it be self reviving, launching your vehicle several feet into the air or glitches that take you through into a texture hellscape, PUBG Mobile is known for its troll moments. One such moment happened during the PMWL East Finals during Match 12 with RRQ Athena and SynerGE.

Match 12 final circle with RRQ Athena and SynerGE

The final fight in Match 12 came down to Orange Rock esports, RRQ Athena, King of Gamers and SynerGE near the water. The hilarity starts with RRQ D2E jumping over KoG’s BRAGA and totally missing him. Even BRAGA doesn’t realise D2E’s position until it's too late and he gets gunned down by the RRQ player. While D2E searches for OR GiLL and takes him out, we can see SynerGE’s Ted hiding out behind a rock against 3 players from RRQ to secure those Placement Points for his team. Earnny and Beer11 try to throw a few grenades at Ted to try and take the player out but they end up missing. RRQ Athena then decides to make a play and D2E goes out into the water to investigate Ted’s location while Earnny and Beer11 stay on the shore to cover for him. 

When it seems that all is lost for Ted, he manages to find a tiny ridge and break out of the swimming animation to punch RRQ D2E and take him out. As his teammates chase after Ted, the players struggle to find a ridge. Eventually, the zone closes in around the rock and all the players and they move towards the right. SynerGE Ted manages to find a spot and punch Beer11 to death as well, making it a 1v1 against RRQ Earnny. The zone closes in further and the players try to push each other out of the zone. Unfortunately, due to Ted’s low health, Earnny manages to survive the final deadly circle and get the ChickenDinner for RRQ Athena.

The PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East finals for Season Zero were played online due to the current global lockdown from 6th to 9th August. Season Zero ended with Bigetron RA defending their crown with 287 points. Orange Rock esports came in second place with 278 points. 

RRQ Athena came in third, just two points behind OR. Their total sits at 276 with a whopping 5 Chicken Dinners, 175 Placement Points and 101 Kill Points. RRQ Athena showed why they were the 2018 World Champions, picking up 5 Chicken Dinners, the most by any team. Their performance, however, faltered in the subsequent matches and they ended up not getting enough Kill Points to put them in the lead. 

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