Everything You Need To Know About PMWL Super Weekend

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PUBG MOBILE World League 2020 decides which teams will play in PUBG MOBILE World Championship, the highest tier of competition in the game. Teams are currently playing in PUBG MOBILE World League or PMWL, East or West to qualify for World League Finals. Super Weekend points are very important as they decide how teams will rank in the league standings. To play in the PMWL, teams needed to qualify via the PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) or in certain cases, directly via the PUBG MOBILE Club Open (PMCO). 

Everything You Need To Know About PMWL Super Weekend
PUBG Mobile Competition Format

In the East Region, South Asia is the only regional PMPL event which sends 5 teams to PMWL East. South Asia comprises of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Japan, South Korea, Pakistan and Asian Wildcard regions send one representative to PMWL East each. In SEA, winners of individual PMPLs such as PMPL Thailand, PMPL Malaysia + Singapore, PMPL Indonesia and PMPL Vietnam all get slots at PMWL East along with winners of the SEA Finals. Additionally, slots for Taipei, Myanmar and other SEA countries are given out. 

PMWL Format and Super Weekend

The PUBG MOBILE World League Season Zero started on 11th July and will continue till 9th August 2020. 20 teams play a total of 15 matches during the 2 days of Opening Weekend. The results from Opening Weekend are used to determine the League Stage Group Draw.

The Opening Weekend of PMWL is followed by the 3-week long League Stage which started on 14th July and will last till 2nd August 2020. Here, the 20 teams playing will be drawn into 5 groups depending on their Opening Weekend Placement. 

The 3 weeks of League Play will happen in two stages. Weekdays will see a total of 10 matches in a Round-robin format. This means that each team plays 8 matches total in a week, every Tuesday & Wednesday. The top 16 teams qualify for Super Weekend.

Super Weekend has a total of 16 teams playing 15 matches every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Super Weekend matches are the most important because only points that teams earn during each Super Weekend are counted in league standings. At the end, the top 16 teams based on Super Weekend points will qualify for World League Finals.

As of now, the following 16 teams have qualified for the first Super Weekend:

  1. Orange Rock - 122 points (54 kills)
  2. Bigetron RA - 114 points (46 kills)
  3. BOX Gaming - 103 points (47 kills)
  4. NoChanceTeam - 100 points (37 kills)
  5. Valdus The Murder - 92 points (37 kills)
  6. Yoodo Gank - 89 points (34 kills)
  7. GXR Celtz - 82 points (35 kills)
  8. RRQ Athena - 75 points (36 kills)
  9. King of Gamers Club - 74 points (35 kills)
  10. MegaStars - 69 points (24 kills)
  11. SynerGE - 68 points (19 kills)
  12. TSM-Entity - 66 points (32 kills)
  13. Team Secret - 55 points (22 kills)
  14. TeamIND - 54 points (19 kills)
  15. T1 - 52 points (15 kills)
  16. Reject Scarlet - 47 points (13 kills)

The upcoming Super Weekend will start tomorrow on 17th July at 5:30 PM IST. PMWL 2020 East will be streamed live on the official PUBG MOBILE Esports YouTube channel, starting at 5:30 PM IST on the scheduled days.

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