Z4pnu Reveals Someone May Be Leaving Omega Esports’ MLBB Roster


Z4pnu Reveals Someone May Be Leaving Omega Esports’ MLBB Roster

John Dave Rossel
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Z4pnu revealed that someone from Omega Esports' MLBB roster will be let go soon.
Ch4knu and Kelra also recently posted hints at someone leaving the squad.
Fans believe that the player may be the team captain E2MAX.

Omega Esports' veteran player Billy "Z4pnu" Alfonso revealed that someone on the team's Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) squad may be released soon. This was revealed following the posts made by Joshua "Ch4knu" Mangilog and Grant "Kelra" Pillas, hinting that someone from the team may soon be leaving. According to Z4pnu, the decision was taken shortly after Omega Esports delivered an underwhelming performance, resulting in a 5th-6th place finish, during the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10 playoffs. The team's lineup for the MPL Invitational (MPLI) 2022 also revealed that veteran team captain Patrick "E2MAX" Caidic will not be competing, leading fans to believe that he may be the player leaving soon.

Omega Esports to revamp its roster by releasing a player, says Z4pnu

Through a vlog post, Z4pnu explained what happened behind the scenes after Omega Esports failed to reach the grand finals of the MPL PH Season 10.

“It’s a sad moment, guys. Maybe if we won against Bren Esports maybe the outcome would be different,” said Z4pnu.

He added that “After we lost in that game and went back to the Bootcamp, we had a meeting and all the upcoming [roster] changes were revealed.”

Z4pnu continued by saying the revelation made the members sad and some players started shedding tears as a  player would soon depart from the team.

“Kelra cried because of what’s about to happen and someone had to be released,” explained the veteran player. “When I saw him cry, it became contagious, I cried and everyone also did.”

The main squad has always been playing together ever since they were under Execration. The team was able to secure the championship title in the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2021 after which the full roster was acquired by Omega Esports.

Z4pnu expressed that it’s going to be hard for the team, especially since the squad has been playing together for a long time. 

“It’s hard when you’re leaving for another org[anization] then you will no longer be playing together and it comes to the point that they will be your enemies,” said Z4pnu.

Who is leaving Omega Esports?

Omega Esports is yet to reveal who will be released from its MLBB roster. The team captain E2MAX made a tweet with the caption “New chapter” which led fans to believe that he may be leaving the squad soon.

E2MAX is also not a part of the registered roster for the upcoming MPLI 2022, as revealed by Z4pnu in his vlog.

It will be intriguing to see what Omega Esports has planned for its MLBB roster. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for the Smart-backed squad’s new roster.

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