Bren Esports is the Cure for Omega Esports' Poison, Claims Duckeyyy



Bren Esports is the Cure for Omega Esports' Poison, Claims Duckeyyy

John Dave Rossel
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Bren Esports scores a 3-2 victory against Omega Esports in the MPL PH Season 10 Playoffs.
Bren Esports will face Blacklist International in the next match.
Omega Esports is officially eliminated from the playoffs competition.

Bren Esports dominated its first day of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10 playoffs match. The veteran Mid Laner Angelo “Pheww” Arcangel spearheaded the assault as the Hive achieved a 3-2 reverse sweep against Omega Esports, the renowned "Poison" team.

Bren Esports' journey through MPL will continue as it advances to the upper bracket semifinals versus Blacklist International in hopes of reaching the grand finals. The Hive's head coach, Francis "Duckeyyy" John Glindro, claimed during a post-match press conference that his team is the cure for Omega Esports' "Poison."

Bren Esports upsets Omega Esports to retain MPL PH Season 10 championship dream

Omega Esports is well-known for being unstoppable when threatened with elimination. The team has repeatedly demonstrated that they can advance to the playoff ladder despite the odds stacked against them. This impressive feat gave them the title of “Poison” of MLBB epsorts. However, Bren Esports shockingly eliminated the legendary comeback kings from the competition in its first match of the playoffs.

Omega Esports won the first two games, giving it a big advantage, and is one win away from claiming a position in the upper bracket semifinals. However, Bren Esports’ team captain Pheww led the Hive to its first series win with his Pharsa.

Bren Esports kept the momentum going with an unexpected midlane Gusion pick from its captain, which proved to be extremely effective. Pheww finished game five with five kills and seven assists, tying the series 2-2 and forcing a tiebreaker. Bren Esports won its third game in a row, bringing the series to a close with a 3-2 score.

Bren Esports upsets Omega Esports with a reverse sweep

Bren Esports explains how they mentally prepare for its match against Omega Esports

Through a post-match press conference, Bren Esports’ roamer Rowgien "Owgwen" Unigo shared that the team was never intimidated by Omega Esports’ title as the “Poison.”

“We just think that they will play the same as the regular season. We did not overthink about the statements of them being a poison even if a lot of people predicted that Omega will win,” stated the roamer.

Coach Duckeyyy added that if Omega Esports is the poison then Bren Esports is the “cure for that poison.”

Bren Esports will be facing Blacklist International on 21st October at 5:00 PM (PHT). Omega Esports is now officially eliminated from the MPL PH Season 10 playoffs competition.

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