XINNN Thinks Toxic Fans Contributed to VYN Leaving RRQ

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>XINNN Thinks Toxic Fans Contributed to Why VYN Left RRQ</p></div>
XINNN Thinks Toxic Fans Contributed to Why VYN Left RRQ


RRQ XINNN believes toxic fans may be one of the contributing factors for his former teammate VYN's departure.
According to XINNN, haters would often spam toxic comments to his team which may affect them mentally.
VYN now plays with Biegtron Alpha while RRQ signed Cambodian pro player Naomi as its new roamer.

RRQ's Gold Laner, Yesaya "XINNN" Wowiling, shed light on how fan toxicity may have played a role in his former teammate Calvin "VYN" leaving the team. The esteemed King of Kings enjoys a passionate fanbase, but their critical nature has been a cause for concern. XINNN revealed that some fans would often bombard players with hurtful comments, negatively impacting their mental well-being. This could possibly explain why VYN, facing heavy criticism for his recent tournament performance, decided to part ways with the team. Following his departure, VYN has now found a new home as the roamer for Bigetron Alpha.

Toxic fans may have caused VYN to leave RRQ, says XINNN

During a recent livestream, XINNN addressed the issue of toxic comments from certain fans that crossed the line and negatively impacted his team. According to him, these toxic fans could have been a contributing factor in VYN's decision to leave and join Bigetron Alpha.

"I'll be honest, guys, I was spammed by “out-out” fans so that the players would consider quitting. I remember exactly when VYN was fighting EVOS for a comeback, where VYN made a wrong play, he was really spammed, and he really left [the team],” said XINNN.

The term "out-out" is used by XINNN to describe fans or critics who engage in relentless hate speech in the Mobile Legends gaming community, urging a player to leave the team due to their perceived underperformance.

In response to VYN's departure, RRQ underwent roster changes and welcomed Min "Naomi" Ko, formerly a roamer for the Cambodian team Falcon Esports. Meanwhile, VYN has been making waves with Bigetron Alpha in the ongoing Snapdragon Pro Series Season 3 SEA. As the team gears up for the Challenge Finals stage commencing this 17th July, the team is determined to claim this event’s championship title.

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