MobaZane Heading to Indonesia After M5, Says “No One Wants to Go to the Philippines”


MobaZane Heading to Indonesia After M5, Says “No One Wants to go to the Philippines”

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MobaZane is contemplating on becoming a content creator after the M5 World Championship.
According to MobaZane, he plans on travelling to Indonesia because "there is way more money in Indonesia."
MobaZane believes that NA MLBB esports scene is not growing, which explains why he wants to travel to Indonesia and build his career there.

BloodThirstyKings' (BTK) team captain, Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun, has revealed his post-M5 World Championship plans, which involve traveling to Indonesia to embark on a content creation journey. MobaZane explained his preference for Indonesia over the Philippines, citing his larger fan base in Indonesia as the primary factor. Additionally, he believes that there are greater monetary prospects for content creators in Indonesia compared to the Philippines. When asked about his decision to focus on content creation in Asia and move away from the North American (NA) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports scene, BTK MobaZane explained that the NA scene has failed to witness significant growth, prompting him to explore new opportunities in a different region.

MobaZane reveals he has more Indonesian fans compared to other regions

During a YouTube livestream, MobaZane expressed his thoughts on his plans to move to Asia and discussed which specific region he intends to choose.

When a fan asked about his preference between Indonesia (Indo) and the Philippines (PH), MobaZane replied, "Indo, no one really wants to go to PH, no offense," emphasizing his inclination towards Indonesia.

He went on to explain that Indonesia offers greater financial opportunities, stating, "there is way more money in Indonesia," and he also highlighted his substantial fan base in the country, asserting, "I have way more fans in Indonesia."

To support his claims, MobaZane shared viewer statistics, revealing that a significant percentage of his audience consists of Indonesians. He stated, "In the past seven days, 45% are Indonesian, so why would I go to PH? From 1 USA viewer, I have 20 Indonesians watching me."

MobaZane claims NA MLBB esports scene is not growing

In response to his viewers' hopes for the growth of the NA region, MobaZane expressed skepticism, stating, "I don't think it will, that's why I wanna go [to Indonesia]."

He further elaborated on his plans, considering the possibility of becoming a full-time content creator due to the current state of the MLBB esports scene in NA.

“I might just go like…. Just a content creator instead. I might just chill a bit, maybe I’ll miss one international tournament because I don’t don’t know if I’ll get a team right away,” MobaZane explained.

MobaZane is not a part of the lineup for the upcoming International Esports Federation (IESF) World Esports Championships 2023 Mobile Legends tournament and as good choice for the lineup the reason remains unknown. However, the renowned jungler will be back in the scene to vie for an M5 World Championship ticket.

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