FwydChickn Talks About How Parental Prejudice Towards Gaming and Esports Affected BTK

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>BTK FwydChickn Talks About Asian Parental Bias Towards Video Games and Esports</p></div>
BTK FwydChickn Talks About Asian Parental Bias Towards Video Games and Esports


BTK allegedly lost its MSC 2023 ticket due to one of its players, Yato, whose parents refused to provide consent.
BTK FwydChickn shared his thoughts about the stigma surrounding video games among Asian parents and how strict they are when it comes to such ventures.
While MobaZane and some fans were upset about Yato, FwydChickn assured everyone that Yato had made sincere efforts to persuade his parents.

Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl, a seasoned player for BloodThirstyKings (BTK), recently shared his thoughts on the prevalent stigma surrounding video games and esports tournaments among Asian parents. The discussion arose following the unfortunate announcement that the North American (NA) squad lost its qualification for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023 allegedly due to a player whose parent did not provide consent.

FwydChickn shed light on the challenges of engaging with Asian parents regarding gaming pursuits compared to other cultures, emphasizing the difficulty in presenting video games and esports as viable and rewarding career paths. He further expressed his observations that some Asian parents hold extreme views, failing to acknowledge the potential and opportunities within the gaming industry.

FwydChickn reveals how BTK lost its MSC 2023 ticket

In a livestream, FwydChickn candidly discussed the challenges faced by one of his teammates, Yato, in dealing with disapproving parents. Yato had allegedly previously encountered difficulties persuading his parents to allow him to attend esports events, even resorting to deception when participating in the North America Challenger Tournaments (NACT) Spring 2023 grand finals held in Las Vegas. “Yato’s mom’s issue is that he was literally just playing video games, and he hid it from his parents the whole time. Like, he said Vegas [NACT 2023] was a school trip,” he explained.

FwydChickn, who also claims to also come from an Asian background with strict beliefs, empathized with Yato's predicament and revealed a similar situation had occurred with BTK's former Mid Laner, Huy, who has a Vietnamese background. “Yato’s situation is like the same as Huy in M3 [World Championship],” he stated.

These incidents prompted BTK's captain, MobaZane, to humorously remark on Vietnamese mothers being the team's "weakness." 

“Apparently, Yato has everything he needs to go to MSC. He has everything. But his parents will not allow it. They basically said he cannot go," he said. "OutPlay could not have beaten me. But you know who can? A Vietnamese mom. I can't beat that. I've lost," said MobaZane in his stream.

While MobaZane and some BTK fans were upset about Yato, FwydChickn assured everyone that Yato had made sincere efforts to persuade his parents to allow him to participate in the MSC 2023. Unfortunately, due to their strict stance, Yato's parents remained unconvinced.

“Zane does not understand Asian parents. I tried explaining so much to him and he expects Yato to do more,” the pro player explained. “Zane really does not understand what it’s like to grow up with Asian parents.”

As a result of BTK's inability to secure Yato's participation, OutPlay will now step in to fill their slot in the upcoming MSC 2023. The tournament, commencing on 10th June, will showcase top teams from various regions vying for the championship title.

FwydChickn's revelations shed light on the difficulties faced by players in navigating cultural biases and parental disapproval within the esports industry. While BTK and its fans expressed disappointment over Yato's absence, the situation underscores the importance of fostering understanding and support for aspiring gamers striving to pursue their passion in the face of societal stigmas.

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