Mirko Concerned on KarlTzy's Ability to Quickly Adapt to New MLBB Meta


Mirko Concerned on KarlTzy's Ability to Quickly Adapt to New MLBB Meta

John Dave Rossel
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Mirko assessed how the new emblem may affect MLBB pro players in the upcoming tournaments.
According to Mirko, KarlTzy may not be able to adjust to the meta as fast as other Filipino junglers in MLBB esports.
Mirko still believes that KarlTzy will be able to successfully shift to assassin jungle but may need more time to do so.

Indonesian Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) shoutcaster Frederick Handy "Mirko" Loho recently expressed his insights regarding the adaptability of Filipino pro players to the evolving meta in the game. Mirko specifically highlighted ECHO's exceptional jungler, Karl "KarlTzy" Nepomuceno, and raised concerns about his ability to swiftly adjust his playstyle in comparison to other junglers. This apprehension stems from KarlTzy's heavy reliance on utility tank jungle heroes prior to the meta shift. Nevertheless, Mirko clarified that his concerns are solely centered around the speed of KarlTzy's adjustment and firmly believes that the talented pro player will successfully transition to utilizing full assassin jungle heroes in due course.

KarlTzy may not be able to transition fast enough from utility to assassin jungle, says Mirko

Through a recent YouTube video, Mirko shared his thoughts on how fast can the iconic jungle pro players in the Philippines adjust to the meta. While he believes most pro players can easily shift to assassin heroes, the shoutcaster had slight concerns about ECHO’s legendary player KarlTzy.

“KarlTzy, we all know him as the assassin god. He’s still the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of MLBB. But he’s been playing utility jungle so much in the past year, I’m not sure if he can actually go back to just the full damage jungle that fast,” Mirko explained.

He further elaborated that he is certain that KarlTzy will be able to adjust to the meta eventually. However, he is concerned that the pro player may struggle for a brief period before reaching his peak once again.

“I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll [KarlTzy] be able to. But how fast can he get back into shape with the damage junglers when he’s so used to playing utility in MPL PH,” Mirko said.

He added that “That’s something a bit concerning, we’ll see how fast he can adapt to the meta but other than that I think the team is still pretty solid for ECHO.”

KarlTzy is considered as one of the best assassin junglers in the Mobile Legends esports scene. He shocked the world back in M2 World Championship with his Lancelot pick which led Bren Esports to win its first world series title.

However, the pro player did struggle to make adjustments when the meta shifted to utility tanks, claiming that it’s not his team’s meta. Eventually, KarlTzy was able to master utility jungle heroes which spearheaded ECHO into winning the M4 World Championship.

It will be interesting to see how various teams adjust their playstyle and strategies in upcoming tournaments with the newly revamped Emblem System in Mobile Legends.

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