Wise Inspired Demonkite’s Karina Pick Against TNC Pro Team


Wise Inspired Demonkite’s Karina Pick Against TNC Pro Team

John Dave Rossel
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RSG PH sweeps TNC Pro Team in the seventh week of the MPL PH Season 9.
Demonkite revealed that his Karina picks were inspired by Wise's playstyle during the Sibol Qualifiers.
Demonkite believes that Blacklist International's Kevier may earn the Rookie of the Season while Light thinks TNC Pro Team's Escalera may win the title this season.

RSG PH continues to defend its title as the “Kingslayers” after having taken down TNC Pro Team in the seventh week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9. The match was smooth sailing for RSG PH as it finished the series with a very dominant 2-0 victory against TNC Pro Team. Through a post-match interview, RSG PH’s jungler Jonard “Demonkite” Cedrix Caranto revealed that his Karina pick was inspired by Blacklist International’s iconic jungler. Demonkite’s Karina gameplay was crucial for RSG PH’s success in the match series as TNC Pro Team was not able to respond to his highly aggressive rotations.

RSG PH finished with a dominant victory against TNC Pro Team

RSG PH cruised through the match series against TNC Pro Team through dominant rotations and clinical teamfight executions. Both teams played their cards carefully in the early game and mirrored each other’s strategy throughout the match. With Arvie “Aqua” Antonio taking control of teamfights on his Pharsa and Yve, TNC Pro Team could not keep up with RSG PH’s momentum. The series ended with a clean sweep victory for RSG PH.

RSG PH cruised through the match easily against TNC Pro Team.

Demonkite Thinks Kevier deserves the Rookie of the Season title

Last season’s star rookie, Demonkite believes that Blacklist International’s amateur jungler Kent "KEVIER" Xavier Lopez has a high chance of earning the title of “Rookie of the Season” for the MPL PH Season 9.

Through a post-match interview, RSG PH’s star jungler shared that he was impressed at how KEVIER comes up with his own plays despite his team’s current standing in the regular season.

“Although he (KEVIER) isn’t that consistent in their games, his performance speaks,” said Demonkite.

RSG PH’s roamer, Dylan "Light" Aaron Catipon, said that he thinks TNC Pro Team’s Jomearie “Escalera” Delos Santos deserves the title due to his mastery in shotcalling.

RSG PH's Demonkite Influenced by Wise's Karina Playstyle from the Sibol Qualifiers

The post-match interview also revealed why Demonkite picked Karina in both games against TNC Pro Team. According to him, he was inspired by Wise’s Karina pick during the Sibol Qualifiers.

“That Karina pick during Sibol, I was inspired by his (Wise) Karina to keep using it and copy his techniques,” Demonkite said.

RSG PH continues to rise in the regular season leaderboards of the MPL PH Season 9. The team will be facing one of the top-performing teams in the season, ECHO, on 2nd April.

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