Will BGMI Return to India? Here’s What Pro Players Have to Say

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Will BGMI Return to India? Here’s What Pro Players Have to Say</p></div>
Will BGMI Return to India? Here’s What Pro Players Have to Say
Despite being suspended for over eight months, there is no official news regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India’s (BGMI) return.
Recently, a lot of rumors have been circulating in the BGMI community regarding the game’s return.
In this article, we will see what popular players have to say about the game’s return to India.

The suspension of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) led to the departure of a lot of players and teams from the game. Nonetheless, with the recent emergence of positive rumors surrounding the game, these players and teams have resumed playing and practicing the game. Unfortunately, the reliability of these rumors is uncertain as there is no definite source. In this article, we will see what popular players have to say about the game’s return to India.

Pro players express their views on BGMI’s return

The government of India suspended Krafton’s popular battle royale title BGMI in July 2022 under the provisions of Section 69A of the IT Act 2000. In response to a filed Right to Information (RTI), the government cited concerns regarding national security and privacy as the reason behind the game’s suspension. Since the game’s suspension, there have been numerous speculations and rumors circulating about the possibility of its return to India. One recent rumor suggests that the game may make a comeback in April. However, there has been no official confirmation or statement regarding the same.

Despite Krafton remaining tight-lipped about the current situation of the game, a few popular players have expressed their thoughts about the potential return of the game. 

Earlier this month, in an Instagram Live, TeamXSpark’s owner and professional player Tanamy “Scout” Singh stated that some good news was coming and “good old vibes will be returning soon.” He also added that things were looking super positive and 2023 is going to be a great year for all of us. Although Scout did not explicitly mention BGMI, fans speculated that he was talking about the game due to the context of the Live. However, it has been a month since Scout made this statement, and unfortunately, there has been no news.

Following this, in a livestream, Orangutan Gaming’s professional BGMI player Ankit “AKop” Shukla stated that the BGMI launch party event will be held in April. Notably, he expressed his utter confidence in this news. Although April is about to start, there has been no news about this event from Krafton.

TeamXSpark’s former professional BGMI player Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi acknowledged that a lot of false rumors have been circulating in the community regarding the game’s return. In light of these rumors, he cautioned his audience against believing such rumors and expressed his belief that the game would return in mid-April.

In early March, Team SouL’s coach Aman “AMAN” Jain resumed playing BGMI after a hiatus of around two years. He revealed that the game would be returning soon but did not reveal the date.

In an Instagram Story, Orangutan Gaming’s professional BGMI player Ashish “Ash” Bhatnagar stated that the game might return in April. He noted that he did not have any concrete information about the return date but assured his audience that it was returning soon.

In mid-March, Indian esports caster Piyush “Spero” Bathla stated that no one knew the exact return date of the game. However, he added that his sources had informed him that everything at the “upper level” of Krafton was going well. He emphasized that there is a lot of positivity there, indicating that the game’s return could be potentially imminent.

A recent report by News18 suggests that BGMI might return “very soon” to “e-stores” (likely referring to Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store) for three months. However, the report suggests that the game developer needs to implement several changes, including restrictions to play time and graphic changes, in the game prior to its relaunch. However, there has been no follow-up regarding this news.

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