Report: BGMI Could Return to India With Gameplay Changes and Time Restrictions

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Report: BGMI To Be Unbanned For Three Months But With a Few Changes</p></div>

Report: BGMI To Be Unbanned For Three Months But With a Few Changes

A recent report by News18 suggests that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) might make a return.
The government of India has reportedly decided to lift the ban on the game for three months.
However, there exist several changes that the game's developer, Krafton, must implement in the game prior to its relaunch.

According to a recent report by News18 Krafton’s popular battle royale title Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) might return “very soon” to “e-stores” (likely referring to Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store) for three months after being removed from them over eight months ago. However, there exist several changes that the game's developer, Krafton, must implement in the game prior to its relaunch including restrictions to play time and graphic changes.

BGMI might return with some changes

According to the News18 report, government officials held a meeting with Krafton and has since recommended to lift the ban for a limited time with some changes in the original version of the game as long as specific changes were made to the original version of the game. Furthermore, the report states that the decision to unblock the game was set in motion after the developer made certain changes to the game and told the government that it would comply with all rules.

Following are the reported changes that BGMI needs to implement:

Playtime limit: According to the report, players will not be allowed to play the game 24x7 like before. Instead, the developer will have to set a specific time limit and restrictions on hours spent playing. Unfortunately, the report does not mention the number of hours players can access the game.

No blood: The report also suggests that Krafton has told the government that the game will not include blood as the developer will change its color. Notably, this option has already been implemented in the game and resembles the version that is currently published in China (Peacekeeper Elite). As of writing this article, the game only supports green and yellow colored blood. 

Other internal changes and server: In light of accusations about the potential for addiction and associated incidents of violence and self-harm among players, the government has reportedly asked the developer to “to introduce relevant changes in the game, including the server.”

The government of India unexpectedly removed BGMI from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store on 28th July 2022. Following this, it was reported that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) blocked BGMI under Section 69A of the IT Act 2000. Despite multiple rumors suggesting the game’s return, the game is still suspended, and the developer is tight-lipped about its current status. However, with the emergence of a recent report, there appears to be a glimmer of hope for the game, and its return may be imminent.

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