Wild Rift Arcade Event Revealed


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Wild Rift Arcade Event Revealed

John Dave Rossel
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Riot Games has released a new mini-event in Wild Rift called Arcade.
The event rewards players with a generous amount of Blue Motes and a few in-game cosmetics.
The event runs from 26th August to 5th September 2021.

Riot Games have revealed another mini-event for League of Legends: Wild Rift players called “Arcade”. The event will last from 26th August until 5th September 2021. The Wild Rift Arcade event is themed around the Arcade skin line featuring champions such as Ahri, Sona, Miss Fortune, Corki, Riven, and Kai’Sa. Completing daily event tasks rewards players with event XP. Earning enough XP will unlock milestone rewards such as Blue Motes, an Arcade-themed icon, and an Arcade Pose Selection Chest. The daily missions from the Wild Rift Arcade event are pretty straightforward and can be finished by simply playing the game.

Wild Rift Arcade Event Details

The Wild Rift Arcade universe is an alternative reality that features various in-game champions in a world of video games and 8-bit pixels. This alternative universe features two skin lines; the Arcade Heroes and Arcade Battle Bosses.

Riot Games have released a new mini-event that features the Arcade Heroes skin line that rewards players with a few in-game cosmetics as well as bonus Blue Motes for players to acquire. The event will last from 26th August until 5th September 2021.

Arcade Event Preview

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Wild Rift Arcade Event Missions and Rewards

Players can unlock rewards by collecting stars and reaching certain milestones. Stars can be acquired through daily event missions that reset every 12:00 AM (UTC).


Here are the daily missions and the star rewards;

Milestone Rewards

Here are the rewards for each milestone reached;

The Arcade Pose Selection Chest contains the following;

  • Arcade Ahri

  • Arcade Miss Fortune

  • Arcade Corki

  • Arcade Riven

  • Arcade Kai'Sa

  • Arcade Sona

  • Ahri

  • Miss Fortune

  • Corki

  • Riven

  • Kai'Sa

  • Sona

Take note that players can only select one pose in the chest.

Arcade is just the latest event to make its way into Wild Rift. Riot Games has been adding tons of content over the last few months to promote its game and perhaps make it a mainstay in the Mobile MOBA market. It will be interesting to see what else is on the radar for League of Legends: Wild Rift.

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