[Watch] EVOS Tazz Makes an Epic Escape With 1 HP, Dies on a Jungle Creep Anyway


[Watch] EVOS Tazz Makes an Epic Escape With 1 HP, Dies on a Jungle Creep Anyway

John Dave Rossel
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Tazz's Chou escapes a team fight with only 1 HP left only to die at the hands of a jungle creep.
Kairi's Ling was able to take the kill bounty which baffled the casters and Kairi himself.
Tazz was attacked by the jungle creep because his teammate Clover attacked it first.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) Season 10 regular season was full of exciting moments that had spectators on the edge of their seats. However, there were other clutch plays that did not turn out the way players had anticipated. One such instance occurred when EVOS Legends’ jungler Darrel "Tazz" Wijaya managed to pull off an incredible team fight escape with just a sliver of health left. But due to an unfortunate circumstance, the Orange Buff jungle creep killed him just when he was about to recall back to base. What's worse is that he wasn't even to blame for the jungle creep's aggression.

Tazz escaped Kairi’s wrath only to die at the hands of a jungle creep

During the seventh week of the MPL ID Season 10, a match between ONIC PH and EVOS Legends took place. The Yellow Hedgehogs were able to score a 2-1 victory over the White Tigers. However, the match had a few interesting moments that were worth remembering.

During the first game of the series, at the 17-minute mark, a clash for the Lord ensued. ONIC Epsorts’ Gilang "S A N Z" casted Feathered Airstrike with his Pharsa, leaving EVOS Legends to scramble for an escape to avoid his burning feathers.

This huge map control forced the White Tigers to back off but not before Tazz's Chou was able to tank a few shots from the ensuing fight leaving him with 1 HP.

Taking cover from a bush near the Orange Buff, his teammate Hafizhan "Clover" Hidayatullah aggroed the jungle creep with his Wanwan. The creep then locked in on Tazz as he was the nearest player in range, killing him with just one swing of its claws.

Since ONIC PH’s star jungler Kairi "Kairi" Rayosdelsol was the last player to hit Tazz, he took the kill bounty. This baffled the casters as they thought Tazz was already recalling safely back to his base. Even Kairi was questioning what exactly happened as seen in the “Mic Check” session for the team.

“What the- , Chou died?” said Kairi.

These kinds of interesting moments in professional matches prove that even pro players make mistakes just the way casual players usually do. But based on how this played out Tazz will now have second thoughts when trying to recall with only 1 HP near a jungle creep next time.

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