Kairi Delivers Message to EVOS Legends As ONIC ID Dominates With A Reverse Sweep Victory


Kairi Delivers Message to EVOS Legends as ONIC ID Dominates With A Reverse Sweep Victory

John Dave Rossel
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ONIC Kairi sends a message to EVOS Legends.
ONIC ID secured a 2-1 reverse sweep victory against EVOS Legends in the MPL ID Season 10 Week 7.
EVOS Legends Vice President apologized to fans for the team's upsetting performance in this season.

ONIC Indonesia’s (ID) star jungler Kairi "Kairi" Rayosdelsol shared a message with EVOS Legends before spearheading his team to a 2-1 reverse sweep victory in the 7th Week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) ID Season 10. The demotion of the White Tigers’ EXP Laner Gerald "Dlar" Trinchera evoked a negative response from the fans. In response to this surprising roster update, the EXP Laner’s former teammate, Kairi made a statement during the match against EVOS Legends and showed how formidable Philippines (PH) pro players can be when given a proper chance to play on the big stage.

Kairi spearheads ONIC ID to a dominant reverse sweep against EVOS Legends

Dlar is considered one of the best Mobile Legends pro players in the Philippines. When EVOS Legends decided to drop him down to its developmental team, fans began criticizing the esports organization’s decision. As for the pro player’s former teammate Kairi, he may have taken this personally.

During the Week 7 match between ONIC ID and EVOS Legends, Kairi was featured in the pre-match player stats presentation where he shared a message with his opponent.

“Hello EVOS, where’s my friend Dlar?” Kairi stated.

This message hyped up the crowd with the MPL ID caster Frederick "Mirko" Loho saying that this match was “personal” for Kairi as Dlar was his former teammate back when they were playing under ONIC PH.

While EVOS Legends was able to take the first win in the series, ONIC ID made a massive comeback and delivered a reverse sweep against  the White Tigers in a dominant fashion. In the second game, the Yellow Hedgehogs finished with 14-4 stats and a massive 11-1 finish in the third game. Kairi’s Ling took the MVP title in the final round with five kills, two assists, and no deaths.

Kairi is the Game 3 MVP

Following the upsetting performance of EVOS Legends in the past few weeks, the Vice President of the esports organization, Aldean "LucH" Gemilang (also known as DEANKT), apologized to its fans on an Instagram story.

“Losing five times in a row is indeed unacceptable,” he captioned. “With a performance like this, we really do not deserve to qualify for the playoffs.”

Despite this, the team remains hopeful that it can win its last remaining matches in the MPL ID Season 10 regular season and retain its playoffs spot.

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