EVOS Dlar Thinks It Was the Right Call to Demote Him to MDL

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>EVOS Dlar Thinks It Was The Right Call to Demote Him to MDL</p></div>

EVOS Dlar Thinks It Was The Right Call to Demote Him to MDL


EVOS Legends analyst Ageee explained why Dlar was relegated to the MDL division.
Dlar agreed that he needs to stay in the MDL. He wants to learn to speak Bahasa to improve his communication with his team.
Dlar promised to come back stronger next season.

There was a surprising announcement made by EVOS Esports recently which revealed the demotion of its Philippines (PH) Import player Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League (MDL) division. EVOS Icon caused quite a stir in the community.

Following this development, the esports organization posted a video explaining why this decision had to be made. EVOS Legends’ analyst Steven “Ageee” Gunawan explained that there was not enough time for the PH star to get comfortable with his new team. In the video, Dlar also stated that it was best for him to stay in the MDL squad so that he may learn the Bahasa Indonesian (ID) language to better communicate with his team and explore the region's meta.

Analyst Ageee comments on Dlar’s MDL demotion

Through a video posted on the official Facebook page of EVOS Esports, analyst Ageee stated that due to little prep time, Dlar’s performance in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) ID Season 10 may be negatively affected

“We have discussed it together with Dlar as well. And indeed, Dlar feels that if he plays in the MPL, if he doesn’t get [as much] play time, or he doesn’t have enough scrim practice, maybe it would be a bit difficult for him to improve,” said Ageee.

He added that this was the right decision because “Dlar is also a very try-hard person, and he traveled all the way from the Philippines to Indonesia, wanting to be a pro player who really shows that he can be better than anyone in Indonesia.”

Despite the language barrier, Ageee clarified that they acquired Dlar so the team would have more options for the EXP Lane and also stated that he believes in the PH star’s potential.

“Okay, maybe the reason we took Dlar is so that we have more options for EXP Laner players, and we also know that Dlar is a player who has a lot of experience. And it turns out after we’ve been with Dlar for a long time, and we’ve also been with other EXP Laners for a long time, the gap isn’t that big as a player for the needs of this EVOS team,” said the EVOS Legends analyst.

Dlar’s thoughts on his MDL demotion

After Ageee shared his thoughts on the matter, Dlar also explained why he agreed to get relegated to the developmental team, EVOS Icon.

“After I played in the Philippines, one of my decisions was to head to Indonesia and play in the MPL,” the PH star player said. “I played in MPL ID but it wasn’t enough. I need to be fluent here, to understand more, and explore a bit. I need to adapt to things, especially about the gaming industry in Indonesia.”

After his short stay in EVOS Legends, Dlar stated that he contemplated on a few options he could take to improve his synergy with his new team.

“My second decision is to play in MDL, for now, so I can learn a lot, explore, and study Bahasa. Mostly in MDL or MPL, they can’t understand English so I need to be fluent in Bahasa,” Dlar explained.

If everything goes swimmingly, Dlar said that “Maybe next season, I can play [in MPL] and become fluent in speaking Bahasa.”

He added that he is hoping for the continued support of the EVOS Fam and vows to “return and get stronger next season.”

A few fans think it would be a waste of talent if Dlar plays under EVOS Icon. The PH import’s training arc in the Indonesian MLBB esports scene should be an interesting story to follow.

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