MPL ID Caster Mirko Thinks Evos Legends Was Too Impulsive With Dlar’s Demotion

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>MPL ID Caster Mirko Thinks Evos Legends Was Too Impulsive With Dlar’s Demotion</p></div>
MPL ID Caster Mirko Thinks Evos Legends Was Too Impulsive With Dlar’s Demotion


MLBB caster Mirko shared his thoughts about EVOS Legends' roster changes during the MPL ID Season 10.
Mirko stated that the team is changing its lineup way too much and is not providing enough time for its players to build team chemistry which resulted in a losing streak in the regular season.

EVOS Legends’ decision to demote its star import player from the Philippines, Gerald "Dlar" Trinchera, is still one of the most discussed topics in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) community. After playing a few matches in the league, the pro player was shortly relegated to the developmental team. One of the fan-favorite casters in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) Season 10, Frederick "Mirko" Loho shared his thoughts on EVOS Legends’ decisions in the regular season. According to the caster, the management was acting too impulsive with its roster changes which led to an upsetting losing streak.

Mirko thinks EVOS Legends is not providing enough time to develop its players

Through a livestream, the MPL ID caster Mirko commented on EVOS Legends’ questionable roster and lineup changes.

“The first two times where you made roster adjustments, roster changes, it’s alright. Like, when you say Ferxic and Bajan weren't really performing so you demoted them for Sutsujin and Dream” said the caster.

He added that while roster changes can be a viable option to experiment and improve a team’s performance, EVOS Legends may not be giving its players enough time to build its team chemistry.

”[EVOS Legends] goes up against ONIC Esports with Dlar, loses game one. Instantly, subbed Dlar out, put pendragon in, pendragon wins, alright we’re good, we’ll use this roster again” Mirko explained.

Everything was going fine with EVOS Legends up until the second leg of the MPL ID Season 10 regular season. The team made the surprising decision to promote a player from its development team to the main lineup and demote its import player who is considered one of the best EXP Laners in the Philippines.

“Pendragon gonna be subbed out, Dlar down to MDL, which is a very interesting move, Saykots to MPL,” Mirko said. “Dlar down to MDL? Wow, that’s a big move.”

He added “That’s like an imported Filipino player, the M3 runner up, ‘The General.’ A lot of people still consider Dlar to be one of the best Filipino EXP Laners, [who just got sent] to MDL for Saykots.”

Mirko clarified that he had nothing against Rizqi "Saykots" Damank and that fans shouldn’t be hating on the EXP Laner.

“Don’t hate the player, it was his first time playing in MPL too, but with Saykots coming in, I already got a bad feeling,” said the MPL ID caster. “They’re changing way too much.”

He further elaborated that “after every little mistake that the roster makes, they’re getting a little too impulsive with the substitutions and demotions, and the promotions, right?”

This was made more evident when Saykots played one game in the MPL ID Season 10 and lost, and immediately thereafter, EVOS Legends subbed back Sebastian "Pendragon" Arthur.

“They’re not giving Saykots the proper time to develop and to experience the stage. You play one game, ‘Oh, you lost? Get out, Pendragon you come in.’ He [Pendragon] loses again and then the next match they played Saykots again,” explained Mirko.

The caster said that it felt “weird” that every time the team lost, they immediately made changes to their lineup or roster.

“Dude, changing roster like that will definitely impact the synergy, the communication, and obviously the bond that the players have with each other,” said Mirko.

He further added that EVOS Legends’ recent changes made him question the team’s decisions more.

“I kinda face palmed, that’s again my opinion, but when they put Tazz in the Gold Lane and Clover in the Mid, I was like ‘wow’,” Mirko stated.

This lineup change did not work in EVOS Legends’ favor as it continued its losing streak and even lost against Geek Fam which is one of the most underperforming teams in the current season.

“I think you should stop changing things that often. Give the players a bit of space to develop together with five people in the same team,” explained Mirko. “You had something special early on, man. I think if you kept that right after losing one game, it would have been fine.”

EVOS Legends is in sixth place but is still at risk of being surpassed by Rebellion Zion who is only a few points behind. The White Tigers will have to figure out their team synergy before they get locked out of the playoffs.

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