Warzone Mobile Reveals More Free Rewards For Watching The Launch Premier


Warzone Mobile Reveals More Free Rewards for Watching the Launch Premier

Ahsan Kabir
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Watch Warzone Mobile's launch stream to get Longbow and Charm as rewards for free.
Stand a chance to also earn the exclusive Bloody Reaper Ghost skin during Operation Day Zero event.
Unlock emblems, blueprints, and more epic rewards in Warzone Mobile at launch.

As Warzone Mobile gears up for its highly anticipated launch on 21st March 2024, Thursday, Call of Duty is going all out to make the game's global debut a truly unforgettable experience for all players.

In addition to the tantalizing rewards up for grabs during the Operation Day Zero event, Activision has announced an exciting opportunity for players to score some exclusive freebies by simply tuning in to the game's launch premier livestream.

Warzone Mobile Launch Premier Live Steam Free Rewards

For those eager to get their hands on some unique cosmetic items right from the get-go, watching the Warzone Mobile launch premier livestream will grant them two free rewards: Longbow - Operation: Day Zero and Charm - Operation: Day Zero.

These exclusive items are sure to be coveted by players looking to stand out on the battlefield from day one.

Bloody Reaper Operator Skin as Top Reward

Of course, the crown jewel of the Operation Day Zero rewards lineup is undoubtedly the Bloody Reaper Operator Skin for the iconic Ghost character.

This menacing and visually striking skin will be exclusive to Warzone Mobile, adding an extra layer of allure and prestige for players of the mobile title. To unlock this coveted cosmetic, players must participate in the Operation Day Zero event and earn Event Points by completing various in-game challenges.

Earning Event Points and Rewards

These Event Points can then be redeemed in the Event Store to claim the Bloody Reaper Skin, which is expected to have the highest point requirement among all available rewards, reflecting its rarity and desirability.

Event Points can be accumulated through various activities, such as opening Supply Boxes or Day Zero Supply Drops, eliminating enemy players, completing Contracts, using Killstreaks, landing headshots, and purchasing items from Buy Stations.

Additional Operation Day Zero Rewards

In addition to the Bloody Reaper Operator Skin, players can also acquire a range of other exclusive rewards during Operation Day Zero.

  1. Crimson Blaze Emblem

  2. Nightmare Rift Calling Card

  3. Forsaken Past Emblem

  4. Tearing Me Apart Sticker

  5. Demon's Claw Combat Knife Weapon Blueprint

  6. Last Word Charm

  7. Hell Scrapper LTV Vehicle Skin

  8. Nightmare Inferno Large Decal

  9. Crimson Prince X12 Weapon Blueprint

  10. Vengeful Devil King Large Decal

  11. Raging Blaze M4 Weapon Blueprint.

So make sure to tune in for the launch day livestream of Warzone Mobile and start the game on a high with some extra cosmetics to give you a little boost of morale while looking unqiue.

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