Warzone Mobile iOS Pre-Load Released Globally: Download Size and Setup Process


Warzone Mobile iOS Pre-Load Released Globally: Download Size and Setup Process

Ahsan Kabir
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Upon searching 'Warzone Mobile' on the App Store, 'Get' option has replaced 'Coming Soon' signaling the game's imminent availability for download.
After the game installs, players must use a VPN for access until global servers go live on 21st March 2024, Thursday.
Read on to find out the game's download size which will also require additional in-game data post-installation.

The global version of Warzone Mobile has been officially released and is now available for pre-download on iOS devices. While the game is available for download, the global servers have not gone live yet and will only be open on 21st March 2024, Thursday.

As of the morning of 19th March at 7:30 AM, the global build has been released, but it has not yet appeared on the Play Store for Android devices. If an APK becomes available on the Play Store or any other source, an update will be provided with the APK link.

Warzone Mobile Pre-Load Now Available on iOS

For iOS users, the new global version is already available for pre-download on the App Store. When searching for 'Warzone Mobile' on the App Store, the 'Get' option appears instead of the usual 'Coming Soon', 'Open' or 'Update' option, indicating that this is a completely new build separate from the previous limited/beta release.

Do note that the pre-load option may not be available for everyone immediately. At the time of writing this article, some devices might still shows 'Coming Soon' option.

Warzone Mobile iOS Pre-Loading Link

To check if the game is available for your device, click here.

Warzone Mobile iOS Download Size and Additional Data Requirements

The download size for this global release is around 9 GB, which is reasonable for a game of this scale. However, after installation, additional data will be needed for downloading additional game files, which is around 5 GB in size.

Currently, to access and play this new global version, users will need to connect via a VPN, similar to how players have been accessing the previous version. Without a VPN connection, the game will not be able to connect to the online servers.

Setting Up the Game: Login and Server Connection

Upon launching the game, users will need to log in with their account details, including two-factor authentication if enabled. After successful login, the game will attempt to connect to the online servers, but due to the global servers not being live yet, a VPN connection is mandatory.

Update for Android Users?

Currenty, the process for downloading and setting up the game on iOS devices is relatively straightforward compared to Android, where users may need to wait for an official build release or an APK to become available.

It's important to note that this global release is not a separate version of the game specific to any region; it's a worldwide launch of the same game, currently on version 3.3.4. The new Season 2.5 patch notes have also been released that players can check from the official portals.

However, players are advised to stay tuned for further updates, as the global servers for Warzone Mobile are expected to go live worldwide on 21st March, allowing users to play the game without the need for a VPN connection.

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