Warzone Mobile Battle Pass, Events, Store, Free Login Rewards; Everything You Need To Know


Warzone Mobile Battle Pass, Events, Store, Free Login Rewards: Complete Details

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Warzone Mobile introduces Arsenal Store for exclusive weapon unlocks, revolutionizing progression for mobile players.
Season 2 Battle Pass offers over 100 rewards, including the coveted M16 Golden Dragon and exclusive Warzone content.
Weekly events, login rewards, and 'Operation Day Zero' event mark the launch with exciting freebies for everyone.

With cross-progression enabled across Warzone Mobile, Modern Warfare II, and Modern Warfare III, players can expect a massive arsenal of over 120 weapons at launch.

To differentiate the content's origin, tags will be used to indicate if an item is exclusive to Warzone Mobile, MW2 (PC and Console), or MW3. In today's article, we will cover everything from Warzone Mobile battle pass, login rewards, luck draw mechanics and more content that players will get upon launch.

Everything You Need to Know About Warzone Mobile Battle Pass, Events, Store, and Free Login Rewards

Arsenal Store and Battle Pass in Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile will introduce an exciting new "Arsenal Store," allowing players to unlock weapons using Arsenal Tokens, which can only be earned for free within the mobile game. This innovative approach adds an engaging progression system for dedicated mobile players.

The Battle Pass system in Warzone Mobile is structured similarly to its counterparts on other platforms. At launch, the game will feature the Season 2 Battle Pass, shared with Modern Warfare III.

Warzone Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass Pricing & Tiers

Four tiers of Battle Pass content is available:

  1. Free-to-Play

    Some free content, but not substantial

  2. Standard Battle Pass

    1,100 CP and offers over 100 unlockable rewards

    1,400 CP and Warzone Mobile-exclusive bonus content

  3. Battle Pass Bundle

    2,400 CP and includes all Standard Battle Pass rewards and 20 tier skips

  4. Black Cell

    The most expensive tier at around $30, offering both previous tier rewards, 18 unique items, an Operator bundle with a Warzone Mobile blueprint, and an instant 1,100 CP.

Note: Prices may very depending on region.

Warzone Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass

The Season 2 Battle Pass will feature exclusive Warzone Mobile content, including the M16 Golden Dragon (Black Cell reward), emblems, decals, calling cards, and the S04 Radiant Dragon Storm skin.

Weekly Events and Login Rewards in WZM

Warzone Mobile will introduce weekly events, offering skins and tokens redeemable in the Event Store for Operators and Blueprints. Additionally, a login event will be available at launch, granting rewards like a free skin on day seven.

The highly anticipated "Operation Day Zero" event will celebrate Warzone Mobile's launch on 21st March, Thursday offering golden and black versions of pre-registration rewards, including the Ghost Golden Phantom Operator, X12 Golden Flame, and M4 Heavy Thunder blueprints, an emblem, a vinyl, and a player card.

M16 Golden Dragon - Warzone Mobile Battle Pass

Store Bundles and Lucky Draws in WZM

In terms of store content, Warzone Mobile will feature bundles containing MW3 and MW2 items alongside mobile-exclusive bundles purchasable with COD Points. Additionally, "Pro Packs" will be available for real money, offering CP, Blueprints, and an Operator skin.

Warzone Mobile will also introduce "Lucky Draws," similar to Call of Duty: Mobile's loot boxes, containing 10 random items, with the highest-rarity items requiring significant expenditure or extreme luck to obtain.

Game Modes at Launch

At launch, Warzone Mobile will offer the following gameplay modes:

  • Battle Royale: Supporting up to 120 real players on Verdansk.

  • Mobile Royale: A faster-paced version of Battle Royale with better loot and more contracts on Verdansk.

  • Rebirth Resurgence: Alcatraz-like experience for Call of Duty: Mobile players.

  • Multiplayer: Moshpits with Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed on Scrapyard, Al Bagrah Fortress, Shoot House, and Shipment.

  • Shoot the Ship: A dedicated playlist for Shipment and Shoot House.

  • Rust: The iconic map will arrive on 3rd April, Wednesday.

With cross-progression, exclusive content, innovative progression systems, and a wealth of modes and events, Warzone Mobile promises an immersive and engaging experience for Call of Duty fans on the go.

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