Vexe Reveals How He Joined the BGMI Lineup of 7Sea Esports

A simple story that shouts hard work always gets recognized.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Vexe Reveals How He Joined The BGMI Lineup Of 7SEA Esports</p></div>
Vexe Reveals How He Joined The BGMI Lineup Of 7SEA Esports


During a recent livestream, Vexe spoke about how he ended up joining the BGMI team of 7Sea Esports.
Vexe has previously played for multiple esports organizations like MegaStars, OR Esports, and Skylightz Gaming.
Vexe revealed how he started playing with Aladin after BGMI got banned and they ended up creating a solid understanding between themselves.

Players often wonder how they can end up joining their favorite team or lineup, trying to establish connections to make their way into the side. However, more often than not it is their hard work that earns them credibility and recognition. A similar incident resulted in Arth "Vexe" Trivedi getting signed by 7Sea Esports for its BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) lineup.

During a recent livestream session, the talented player spoke about how he ended up joining the organization after his stint with Skylightz Gaming came to an end in August 2022.

Vexe talks about how he ended up joining BGMI team of 7Sea Esports

Vexe in the past has played for teams like MegaStars, OR Esports, and Skylightz Gaming. He is currently competing under the banner of 7Sea Esports in the ongoing tier-one BGMI scrims which have produced a fair bit of controversy.

Vexe said that after BGMI was banned by the Indian Government in July 2022, he had started playing the mobile battle royale with Taha "Aladin" Khamkar, one of the original members of the organization's BGMI team.

They played together for quite a while before taking a short break and then playing once again. Having spent a considerable amount of time with each other a certain level of understanding in terms of gameplay was created between the two.

Soon after, Vexe joined the team and has continued to compete with them ever since. However, the lineup is not complete yet as the search for a permanent fourth member is still underway.

Note: The related segment starts from 05:00 onwards.

7Sea Esports is one of the 24 teams competing in the ongoing BGMI scrims where most of the top teams and organizations are currently practicing and analyzinging where each of them stands. Some of them are also trying our different iterations of their existing roster and future lineups of players.

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