Sarang Reveals Why He Left 7Sea Esports and Joined Team XSpark

Sometimes the goals don't align, forcing hard decisions to be taken.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Sarang Reveals Why He Left 7Sea Esports


The recent New State Mobile champion, Sarang, revealed the reason behind him leaving 7Sea Esports.
During the livestream session, Sarang also pointed out that he was no longer competing under the banner of Team XO.
Sarang has signed with Team XSpark but will not be competing as part of its New State Mobile lineup.

The latest battle royale on the block, New State Mobile, is slowly making a place for itself in the Indian gaming community, forcing multiple influential personalities to take notice, especially after the success of the Snapdragon Pro Series New State Mobile India Open.

With the 2023 competitive season just starting, many tournaments are still left to be played and professional players want to be a part of it. One such player who transitioned from Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and has already been crowned as the New State Mobile champion is Sarangajyoti "Sarang" Deka.

During a recent livestream session, Sarang shared why he left 7Sea Esports, a crucial decision that resulted in him winning the biggest New State Mobile tournament to take place in India so far.

Sarang shares the reason behind him leaving 7Sea Esports

It has been more than six months since BGMI was banned by the Indian government, testing the patience of both players and organizations from the region. Many of them have moved over to compete in New State Mobile as the game is slowly catching steam with a dream to become the next big mobile title to take over.

During this transition phase, Sarang took a decision to pursue New State Mobile while waiting for the arrival of BGMI which was taking longer than he had anticipated.

Unfortunately, his previous organization 7Sea Esports was not ready to establish a roster for the new title and Sarang was forced to part ways with it in order to compete professionally in New State Mobile.

He went on to play under the banner of Team XO at the recently concluded Snapdragon Pro Series New State Mobile India Open. The team made it all the way to the Grand Finale to finish as the first-ever champion from the country.

The player's talent and achievement attracted an offer from Team XSpark who reached out and signed him, but Sarang will not compete as part of its New State Mobile lineup just yet. He has decided to stick with his championship-winning teammate, Ritesh "Fierce" Nawandar. Both of them left Team XO and are currently on the lookout for a new team.

However, a thing to note here is that Sarang clearly mentioned during the same livestream that once BGMI returns he will go back to competing in the former title, "For now, I will stick with New State Mobile because the game is available, but once BGMI returns then obviously I will go back."

Do you think a team or an organization would like to build a roster around him knowing that his dedication to New State Mobile is limited till the time BGMI returns, following which his priorities will shift?

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