Thug Reveals Future of Team SouL BGMI Players if Game Does Not Return

There is always a back up plan when it comes to running a business.

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Thug About Future Of Team SouL Players If BGMI Does Not Return

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During a recent livestream, Thug spoke about the future of Team SouL's BGMI team and players in case the game does not return.
Thug also addressed a question related to BGMI's return, saying that he has no good news and that the game might not return anytime soon.

There is still a lot of doubt concerning the return of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) which continues to remain banned in India. It has been nine months since the ban. The local mobile gaming community is as impatient as ever to know more about the game and keeps asking the same question over and over again to multiple streamers.

During a recent livestream session, Animesh "Thug" Agarwal was asked a similar question by his viewers for the umpteenth time along with something extra, the future of Team SouL in case the mobile battle royale fails to make its anticipated comeback.

Thug patiently accepted all the queries and responded by saying that he has no news related to BGMI's return, "There is no good news. I have no idea (about BGMI unban), but not anytime soon."

Thug talks about the future of SouL's BGMI team and players if the game fails to return

Having clarified that he has no idea when the game would return, Thug went on to answer one of the viewers who wanted to know what would become of Team SouL's BGMI players in case the game failed to receive a clean chit by the Indian Government.

"I think, if the game (BGMI) does not return then of course they (SouL's BGMI players) would have to diversify, maybe New State Mobile alongside content creation or something similar," said Thug, addressing the question with a straight response, without beating around the bush.

He further spoke about the problems BGMI's absence had created for streamers by answering another viewer and explaining how all professionals impacted by the game were putting in efforts to thrive.

"S8UL puts in a lot of effort to push everything. We are regular streamers, 20 out of 30 people stream and create content, but it only works if everyone puts in the hard work," explained Thug, "The creators from the BGMI community are the ones who need to do something but they don't do it, so there is no solution."

Note: The related segment starts from 03:16 onwards.

While this outlook from Thug might seem grim, he has separate plans for Team SouL's BGMI team if the game returns. Earlier, he had dropped hints about a setting up a potential bootcamp by S8UL Esports in the future which could be a flat dedicated to SouL's BGMI lineup.

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