Valorant Mobile Beta Testing to Start Mid September in China

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Valorant Mobile (Project C)


Valorant is an FPS shooter title developed by Riot games and has garnered a great deal of popularity in a relatively short span of time.
A mobile version of the game is being developed in China named (Project C) and the beta testing will start in mid September.

Valorant is a free to play First Person Shooter (FPS) title developed and published by Riot Games. In the game, players take on the role of one of the Agents that hail from many countries and cultures around the world. The game has competed with many other FPS titles and has developed a huge fan base in a very short period of time. 

The tactical shooter is now accessible on phones in the form of Valorant Mobile Beta, and the excitement among the fans is at an all time high. Despite the fact that the beta version is only available in China, players are curious to learn more about the mobile version of the game.

Valorant Mobile Details

There have been several mobile games released based on their PC counterparts. An example of the same is PUBG PC later releasing a mobile version of the game which achieved a lot of success globally. After Valorant's success, many wondered if Riot Games would produce a mobile version of the game. 

In some recently leaked images and videos it can be seen that Valorant’s mobile beta testing is being done. The beta testing is said to start in mid September and will be done only on Android devices. The mobile version of the game is being developed in China and the beta version of the game will only be accessible to those in China. For now the mobile version is named as Project C.

The map of Ascent can be seen in one of the leaked videos with the Agents Sova, Sage, Killjoy and Jett. Another video shows the map of Bind in Deathmatch mode with the Agents Phoenix, Yoru, Skye, Breach, Raze and Reyna. The video also shows the Glitchpop Vandal skin line. The controls of the game look similar to any other mobile shooter game with Aim Down Sight (ADS), Fire, Jump and Crouch buttons.

Replicating the graphics of the PC version will be one of the most difficult tasks for the mobile version's developer. As many mobile devices lack the processing power of a PC to perform high-quality graphics, it will be interesting to see how the developers tackle this particular aspect.

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