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Top 5 Celebrities Who Play Valorant

Aditi Joshi
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Gaming has become a popular recreational choice among celebrities since the world shut down in 2020.
Many have joined the streaming bandwagon, showing off their skilled gameplay on streaming platforms like Twitch.
Valorant continues to enjoy rising fame as celebrities like Ben Affleck and Elon Musk mark their presence at prestigious events like VCT 2023.

The excitement surrounding Valorant Champions 2023 has brought celebrity gamers into the spotlight like never before. With the world closing down in 2020, many celebrities turned to gaming for recreation. While the world has opened its gates, it seems like celebrities have become attached to gaming.

With Valorant Champions 2023 in full swing, fans are eager to discover whether their favorite stars share their passion for Valorant, especially with the enigmatic Elon Musk making an appearance at the event. Although details about Musk's Valorant skills remain a mystery, we've put together a list of the top five celebrities known to be active in the Valorant gaming community.

Ben Affleck 

Is there really a need for further discussion regarding Ben Affleck's connection to Valorant? During VCT 2023, Affleck was spotted alongside Shannon Williams, the voice actor responsible for Jett's iconic lines. Their shared dissatisfaction with the character's significant nerfs in the latest game update was evident, sparking conversations among fans. 

When asked by a reporter about his agent preferences, Affleck revealed that he is a KAY/O main right now, saying, “I’m a little promiscuous with who I main, you know what I mean? I move around a little bit.” He was also seen interacting with Valorant voice actors as well as Valorant fans. His charismatic presence on the VCT 2023 red carpet not only reflects his dedication to the game but also the closing gap between the gaming world and Hollywood. 

Kourtney Kardarshian

Though it might take some time for people to digest the surprising revelation, it's essential for them to realize that one of the most unexpected individuals on the planet shares their interest in online video gaming. How do we know this? Well, fans went into a frenzy when Kourntney posted an Instagram story featuring an in-game scene from Valorant, where she was seen playing as Raze. It is unclear, however, if she was participating in the match with celebrity friends of hers or just hopping in an online lobby for some recreation. 

This shows how diverse the fanbase for Valorant actually is. It brings together people from all walks of life, even those who might not seem like the conventional target audience for the game. This also helps break down conventions, which may sometimes prohibit ‘unconventional’ audience from participating in gaming. 

Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher, the renowned American actor celebrated for his outstanding performances, particularly in the To All the Boys franchise, has another passion aside from his acting career - Valorant. It turns out that Jordan Fisher is all about hardwork and grinding, focusing on improving his competitive gameplay. Taking to Twitter, Fisher has expressed his desire to voice act for a Valorant agent. Previously, he voiced Matthew ‘Matt’ Taylor in Until Dawn, a PlayStation 4 game. 

Fans who wish to get a glimpse of his gameplay can find him on Twitch, where he tries to livestream whenever his schedule allows. His regular livestreams reflect his dedication to improving his gameplay, as well as helping establish an up-close personal relationship with his fans, shattering the Hollywood-elite boundaries between celebrities and fans. 

DJ Zedd

For many Valorant fans who have closely followed the Valorant X Zedd collaborations, this revelation may not come as a shock. Zedd's music has made its mark on numerous finishers for various skins, notably in the premium Spectrum weapon skin collection. The electro-house visuals that dominate the finishing kill reflect Zedd’s musicality in the game. 

He has always wanted to have his own skinline in an FPS game, he revealed to Valorant. Playing games like Counter Strike and Overwatch ignited Zedd’s interest in tactical shooter games, which has served Valorant well. His love for gaming can be seen in how he manages his day, making time for both music and gaming. 

Mike Shinoda

Linkin Park star Mike Shinoda is another surprising addition to the list of celebrity Valorant players, catching many off guard. Despite the unexpectedness, Shinoda regularly livestreams the game to showcase his evolving gameplay skills. As a quick learner, this co-founder of Linkin Park has amassed an impressive following of over 230K+ members.

Conversations around Shinoda’s gaming prospects began when he publicly opened up about his gaming experience. At the 2021 Global Premiere Event for Riot x Arcane, Shinoda revealed that he prefers Valorant over League of Legends. He remarked, “A few years ago when League of Legends was a little smaller, I wasn't that deep into that game. I am currently more deep into Valorant to be honest."

This is not surprising since Valorant has shattered the gaming ecosystem since its inception. It is interesting to see celebrities becoming a part of the global gaming arena. Their presence not only brings the games they play to the forefront but also breaks down stigmas surrounding gaming. 

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