Valdus Esports beat out  Natus Vincere to become champions of PMWI 2021.


Valdus Esports Are Winners Of PMWI East 2021

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Valdus Esports won PMWI East with a 63 point lead.

Thai team Valdus Esports have won the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) East 2021 with four chicken dinners and a total of 287 points. Natus Vincere came in second place with 224 points, while D'Xavier came in third with 186 points. Z3US eSPORT and Bigetron RA rounded out the top five. The PMWI East charity event hosted in collaboration with Gamers Without Borders saw 16 teams competing over four days. The champions of PMWI East will be donating $442,500 USD to the International Medical Corps.

PUBG Mobile World Invitational East Final Scoreboard.

Valdus Esports' Perfomance in PMWI East

Valdus Esports started strong on day one of PMWI East picking up two back-to-back chicken dinners in Match 4 and 5. Day 2 saw them get one chicken dinner and a third place finish. The team consistently placed in the top ten for the remaining two days of the tournament and got one more chicken dinner today.

Valdus ended PMWI East with a total of 287 points (120 kill points and 167 position points), comfortably beating out Natus Vincere with a 63 point lead. Although Natus Vincere scored the highest kill points (128), the champions weren’t far behind in terms of KP. In the end, Valdus Esports’ several top five finishes in the tournament led them to rack up a significant number of placement points compared to Natus Vincere. Valdus Esports’ Tinnapop “Martin” Benjawong was the MVP of the event.

Tinnapop “Martin” Benjawongo will also be donating his winnings to the International Medical Corps.

PMWI East had a prize pool of $80,000 and an additional $1.5 million will be donated to charity. Valdus will be donating their winnings to the International Medical Corps while other teams will be donating to UNICEF, Direct Relief and various other charity organisations.

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