UKIR Did Not Expect to Play for Smart Omega in MPL PH Season 13

UKIR's addition to the roster was game changing for Smart Omega.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>UKIR Did Not Expect to Play for Smart Omega in MPL PH Season 13</p></div>

UKIR Did Not Expect to Play for Smart Omega in MPL PH Season 13



UKIR shared how he preferred to stay in the MDL roster.
According to the player, he wanted to win in MDL first before playing for MPL.
UKIR's debut match resulted in a 2-0 clean sweep win for Smart Omega against TNC Pro Team.

Omega Esports’ rookie Mid Laner Jayson “UKIR” Alupit, also known as (Riku), made his debut in the fourth week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 13. His debut match was also the team’s first-ever series win in the regular season, marking a significant milestone for his career on the big stage.

Through a post-match press conference, UKIR shared how he preferred to have stayed under Omega Neos, the organization’s Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) team. He hoped to build momentum in the amateur scene first before stepping onto the big stage. 

UKIR shared how he preferred to compete in MDL first

UKIR’s debut match proved how Smart Omega’s MPL PH Season 13 run is far from over as the team won its first series match against TNC Pro Team with a clean sweep victory. The rookie Mid Laner showcased his commanding MVP-deserving Faramis play in Game 1 with a 2-0-10 KDA score and Vexana in the second game with a 0-4-8 KDA score.

The promising Mid Laner was first signed under Omega Neos where he played in the MDL PH Season 3. However, he was promoted to the MPL PH squad on 8th April in exchange for Dexter "Exort" Martinez.

UKIR became MVP in Game 1 with a 2-0-10 Faramis Pick.


While the pro player seemed experienced enough to compete in the big leagues, UKIR shared how he would have preferred to stay in the amateur league to build momentum rather than head straight to playing in the pro league.

“I did not expect to play in MPL. To be honest, I don’t want to head straight to MPL because I wanted to build momentum in MDL first and win a championship,” he shared. 

Omega Neos is currently the second-best team in the MDL PH Season 3, next to RRQ Kaito. Despite its amateur division dominating, its MPL division is currently struggling with only 1 win and six losses.

UKIR wanted to star under MDL first before playing in MPL.


According to UKIR, he considered his promotion as a good opportunity to lend his comrades in the pro league a helping hand in hopes of securing enough points to advance in the playoffs before its too late.

“I just think of this as an opportunity to help them [Smart Omega MPL division], what I learned in the amateur team, I’ll share it with them,” the amateur Mid Laner expressed.

With a good debut series in the MPL PH Season 13, UKIR and the Smart Omega squad are looking to keep their momentum going as they prepare to face RSG PH this Saturday, 13th April at 9:00 PM (PHT).

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